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Finally, Paul’s secret plan for the residents of Wisteria Lane comes to the surface.  His plan?  Start a half way house for ex cons….right next door to the lovely ladies on the lane.  

Lynette sheds a tear while trying to pack up the onesys her last kiddo has grown out of.  Tom tries to cheer her up with a little morning delight in the nursery, but Susan, their nanny, walks in on them.

Later, Susan wants to know why Lynette never told her about Tom’s “accomplishments”.   Tom, who overhears their conversation, also wants to know why Lynette never bragged about her man.

Renee is having a birthday, and Susan stops by unannounced only to find Renee crying on the couch.  Susan attempts to cheer her up with a pity birthday dinner, and after a few drinks, Renee tells Susan a secret.  She is in love with someone from her past – the love of her life, Tom.

Carmen and Grace are still staying with Gaby and Carlos ever since Hector was taken by immigration.  But Carmen is ready to get her family back together and is getting ready to leave for Texas. 

Gaby, desperate to keep Grace with her, reports Carmen to immigration.  Her plan changes though when immigration arrives, and Grace demonstrates how desperate she is to stay with her mother.  Gaby, pretends to be the immigrant in order to save Carmen and keep her with her daughter.

Keith has a special dinner planned for Bree, but Keith’s father, Richard keeps putting a wrench in his plans.  Keith, who is staying on the couch as his divorce is finalized, likes being the third wheel. 

Finally, Breith get a night alone, and Keith arranges a surprise proposal.  But before long, Richard shows up, and with the help of an old bitter friend of Brees, helps to ruin the surprise. 

The neighborhood association comes together to stop Paul’s plan to put ex cons in the neighborhood, and they think they have him beat by securing the majority of votes.  But he has another surprise for them…he owns 7 of the homes now, and therefore only needs one more to take majority.

Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

How come you never told us you were sleeping with Tommy Tripod?

Susan [to Lynette]

Lynette: Tom's packing! We're talking big—circus big! So big that he can drive in the carpool lane when he's alone! If it falls in the forest, believe me: It makes a sound. The Washington Monument looks at it and says, 'I want to be you when I grow up!'