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Felicia Tillman knew she had to find the proof that Paul Young killed her sister Martha.  Lucky for her she had a daughter who did what she was told.  Felicia tries to tell Beth to use sex to get more details about Paul’s past – and hopefully killing Martha.

Renee invites Lynette over for Thanksgiving, and along with Lynette comes Susan and MJ. 

Bree invites Keith’s parents, Richard and Mary, over for Thanksgiving, but Keith had other plans, a pending proposal for Bree.

Susan and Lynette discover a difference in opinion in how to put Paige to sleep and fight over their mothering techniques.  Susan quits because she can’t stand to hear the baby crying – especially because MJ cries himself to sleep from missing his dad who is still off in Alaska working. 

Tom stops over to drop a pie off at Renee’s for the holiday meal, and catches Renee in her towel-which stirs up some old memories.

Gaby and Carlos have Grace and her family over for a traditional Mexican meal, which involves Carlos doing all of the cooking, while Gaby does his hair – forgetting her one task, to pick up the pies.   Hector offers to drive Gaby to pick them up from the bakery, but he gets pulled over on the way (thanks to Gaby of course).  Hector, who is not a citizen, gets arrested. 

Richard and Mary make Thanksgiving awkward with their fighting at Bree’s dinner table.  Especially when Mary tells him she wants a divorce.  Keith thinks it’s Bree’s fault when he finds out that Mary talked to her about her issues with her husband. 

Beth seems to be opening up to Paul, and may be realizing how damaged her mother really is. 

Gaby and Carlos hire Bob to help the Sanchez family with their immigration issue.  He advises that it is too late to help Hector.  However, his situation may have opened a door for Gaby to maintain her relationship with Grace.

The Sanchez family packs up to leave after Hector’s arrest, but Gaby tries to stop Carmen from leaving so that she can stay close to Grace.  They go to stay with the Solis family until they can get their situation figured out. 

Keith struggles with his parents’ separation, and starts to doubt marriage in general, that is, until Bree says she still has not given up on marriage even after being through divorce.

Felicia realizes that Beth is falling in love with Paul, and demands that she move out of his home.

Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Keith's mother: I promise to be on my best behavior.
Bree: I know you will. Because, as Keith told you, I have guns.

People used to say I'm a beautiful woman, now they say I'm a beautiful woman for my age.