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Carlos and Gaby meet the other family involved in the child swap.  Their daughter Grace immediately shows Gaby’s DNA when she demands a different color sweater while at the park and compliments Gaby on her Chanel bag.  They decide to get their families together every month so that they can get to know their daughters. 

Susan and Mike are slowly getting out of debt, however Maxine informs Susan that the business is taking on some new partners and will have a stronger US presence and suggests that Susan get out.

Lynette found a great new babysitter for Paige in her eleven-year-old daughter Penny.   After a few successful trips back to independence zone, Penny takes Paige to school with her when Lynette doesn’t return home from her jog, and causes judgement day for mom Lynette with her children’s school.

Paul purchases his old house and goes back to visit it recollecting his “real marriage” memories he had there.  Beth questions him, and Paul vows to have no secrets from her. Later, Paul tries to buy Mrs. Macluskey’s house because of his love of the neighborhood.

Bree and Keith have plans for their first date, but Danielle and her son Benjamin swing in unannounced for a weekend stay with “Grandma” – all thanks to Renee who purchased them first class tickets to check in on poor and lonely Bree.  Bree, desperate to get back at Renee finds her weakness and fear of little people and uses it to spoil her date with Keith.

Gaby tells the poker crew about her daughter Grace and the baby switch and even includes the story about how Grace knew Gaby’s purse was expensive.  She was so moved that she bought Grace her own little Chanel “starter bag."

Susan goes to great heights (literally) to save her dignity and prevent a billboard being put up with her picture on it.  Turns out that there is a big ad campaign for the site and Susan breaks, worried that Mike may find out. 

Upon delivery of the ($1,400) Chanel bag, Gaby is shunned for trying to throw her nice things on a family who is just trying to get by.  Carlos advised Gaby to stay on their good side, or they may lose any chance of having a connection with their biological daughter.   

Bree and Renee make amends over a heart to heart about their sad divorcee man chasing ways. 

Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Based on my dinner under the rainbow last night, I'd rather have you as a friend than an enemy.


There's this one thing that she did that was incredibly moving. She came up to me, and within two seconds of touching my bag, she knew it was expensive.