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Banks comes back to the truck and orders Martin to drive and Lenora in the back of the truck.

Alex, Tim, and Katie visit a pharmaceutical company and complain about them not finding a cure for AIDS. When Mr. Amend comes out, they talk to him and tell him an AIDS joke.

Tina tells the head doctor that one of the guinea pig patients had a seizure the night before -- possibly a side effect of the Beroxalin given to them by Mr. Amend.

She wants to find out more information about the drug before using any more of it, but he says they have to continue.

Alex and friends run into Alex's dad's old secretary and chat.

At a pool hall he tells them how he accidentally shot his father with a rifle as he was trying to shoot himself. Dad is paralyzed from the waist down now.

Banks and gang are on the way to make a weapons deal. Banks gives Martin instructions.

Lenora is in the back with the militia. Roberto is there too.

Annett visits Tina. She wants to talk about the study. Tina brings up the Hippocratic oath. Annett does her spiel. It's a veiled threat over Tina's questions about the study.

Martin and Banks arrive at the oil refinery. Martin gets out of the truck. The guards know him. Martin shows him the weapons. One of the militia guys holds a knife to Lenora's throat.

One of the other guards brings out a jackal or hyena. Banks jumps out of the truck and apparently knows the hyena and calms it down before the guards use it to sniff out the truck. The gate opens and the truck goes into the compound and a warehouse. Martin and Banks are searched and they go to meet Major Kalumba.

A fellow East German, Steinbrecher comes out to meet Martin. They all go upstairs to meet with Kalumba.

Walter is cutting out a picture of a cruise ship (The Love Boat) out of a magazine when Hartmann comes in with an update on things.

He goes to Fuchs and suggests that they buy the old Love Boat because West German TV just bought a new one. Walter suggests that they can use the boat as a smuggling tool to get stuff to South Africa under the radar of UN sanctions. Then Fuchs tells him that Frank Winkelmann can be used for weapons deals. He's the West German Trade Commissioner.

Walter calls his operation, Operation Love Boat and writes it on the front of Fuchs folder. Walter just turned his love for The Love Boat into a potential East German cash cow.

Kalumba opens a briefcase full of cash for Martin. Down in the warehouse the UNITA rebels are starting to make their move. Banks makes his move upstairs.

The guard downstairs realizes something's wrong when he goes outside and finds another soldier shot dead. And then Luis is shot dead too.

Lenora unties herself and gets out of the truck. 

Roberto places a bomb somewhere in the refinery and sets it. 15 minutes until it blows.

When Kalumbo tries to escape, Banks knocks him out but it gives Martin enough time to escape.

Steinbrecher helps Martin escape from Kalumbo's men. He tells Martin the refinery has been attacked three times since he's been there. They're in his bunker.

Steinbrecher tells Martin there's a tank of some toxin that if it gets blown up will kill everyone. He sounded a red alert. All the while, playing a record of nice German piano music.

It's chaos outside, but Steinbrecher isn't worried because he and Martin are safe with supplies to last months. Lenora is trying to hotwire the truck.

Martin figures out where the rebels might plant the bomb and tells Steinbrecher he needs to leave.

Lenora hotwires the car with Banks shooting after her but she gets pulled out of the truck by a rebel outside. The rebel tells Roberto to finish her off, but he knows Lenora.

When Roberto turns to look at what made a noise, Lenora pulls a gun on him. It's a standoff, but Lenora throws her gun away and tells Roberto about his rifle.

Martin shows up and Roberto points the gun at him. As Roberto and Martin talk, Lenora gets the upper hand and gets Roberto's gun. Roberto is more than willing to give it up and after she takes it, he goes to Martin and gives him a hug.

Roberto tells him about the bomb. They have less than 7 minutes before it explodes. They get it but Roberto tells Martin he can't defuse it.

Banks takes the cash and throws it in his bag and leaves the control room but gets attacked by one of Kalumbo's men and the money goes flying.

Everyone goes crazy when the money goes flying. They all try to grab it as if money will solve all their problems. Forget the attack. Forget the alert. Forget there's a bomb ready to go off (they don't know it, yet). There's free money flying. Grab it while you can.

Even Banks runs down to grab all he can. Then a gun battle ensues. All because of money. Blood money. The cinematography of the money and gunfire and blood is fantastic. And they all end up dead except for Banks.

Martin is running with the bomb trying to get it somewhere other than where everyone else is at except he gets stopped by the hyena. Only 15 seconds to go and he tries to defuse it but it doesn't work. Then when it's time to go off it shorts out.

Tina goes to her patient that had the seizure. He's flatlining. They try to revive him but not luck. Dr. Albrecht is looking on. They talk and Tina tells him she won't do it anymore. He suspends her.

Lenora and Roberto are hiding. Martin grabs some American dollars. There's a sniper. He splits the money he grabbed with Roberto and Lenora.

Roberto runs and Lenora and Martin follow. Martin gets shot.

Lenora runs away but Martin is still alive.

Walter is shopping at a grocery store and runs into Ingrid and Max. She barely gives him the time of day even though he wants to get to know Max. He's quite disappointed.

Lenora tries to figure out where to go on the plains while Roberto follows.



























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Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Katie: Why is it medical students always eat the worst crap:
Alex: Because we know a secret. We're all going to die.

Nasal spray. Pain meds. Everything. And instead of finding a cure for AIDS, they spend their money on these stupid posters.