Accosted in the Bathroom
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A guy is being questioned in a "bubble".  He's an American spy.

Ingrid visits Tina at her home. Tina tells her she wants to leave the country.

Brigitte and Martin are having sex and taking a bath. Brigitte gets a call and leaves. They're in Paris.

A woman shows up at the Libyan embassy. Her name is Samira.

Brigitte is at the French Intelligence Agency talking about the terrorist attacks. The CIA is at this meeting.

Martin is looking at his picture of Max and reading Thomas' boo in the Paris apartment. he's bored.

Walter makes a call but hangs up and then writes a letter to Ingrid.

Martin puts on a disguise and leaves the apartment. 

Walter writes a letter to Ingrid telling her that Martin is dead.

Martin comes back with brochures about trips in the U.S. and other places.

He hides everything when he hears Brigitte and goes to play the piano.

She tells him she's going to take him to a bistro. He's surprised that he's letting her out. They're at the bistro in disguise.

She asks him to become an agent with West German intelligence. He declines and leaves.

He's in a bathroom when a guy walks in and tells him his boss wants to talk and points a gun at him.

Martin fights him and knocks the guy out. She goes back to the table and tells Brigitte they need to leave. As they exit he dumps the gun in the champagne bucket and takes the champagne.

Valdez, the guy from earlier gets home and greets his wife. She's made buttloads of cookies for her neighbors. He doesn't think it's a good idea and that they could be bugged.

Walter rings their bell. He's their neighbor and has a housewarming gift for them. An East German tradition.

The wife gives him some cookies.

When they're back inside, Valdez rips apart the bread to see if it's bugged. Walter is listening to them on the other side of the wall with a glass.

Hoffmann tells Fuchs about a Libyan attack when Walter walks in. Hoffman shows Fuchs a picture of Samira. Fuchs tells Walter that Martin delivered the weapons to Libya and they think he's involved in the impending attack. Libya paid East Germany for the weapons. Dietrich is pleased, he says. Walter is worried about the impending attack and tells them they must stop it and leaves.

Brigitte leaves for another meeting. 

At the pharmaceutical company are laying on the ground in the lobby when Mr. Amend walks in and walks around them.

A man delivers a letter to Tina and her husband. It's a denial for a visa.

Nina is at the apartment and points a gun at Martin. She's the spy from East Germany.

Walter sent her. She gives him the picture of Samira. He leaves as Nina looks for a place to hide a bug.

Tina is lying on her bed when she notices something in the overhead lamp. She's looking for any bugs in the house.

Nina is planting bugs all over Brigitte's apartment. Tina is tearing apart her house looking for bugs.

Martin goes to a pay phone to try to call Brigitte but no one knows who she is. He calls Walter. He tells him about Samira and Hotel Voltaire.

Walter calls his mother from another office to tell her not to go to West Berlin and in code shares all the info Martin gave him. It's all being recorded.

A guy tells Valdez about Walter's "secret coded message" he just sent via a conversation with this mother. So he's a double agent?

Ebel's old secretary works for the BND as a spy and takes pictures of documents when everyone leaves.

Samira is going into West Berlin to the Hotel Voltaire.

Martin rips off a couple of American's passports and makes the passports his after some doctoring.

Samira and her friend are at the hotel's bar. She sets the bomb in her purse and tells her friend she wants to go and they do.

The guy at the bar brings out Samira's purse. They go to the Paradise club next door. 

Alex is at the club. Samira leaves her purse and leaves the club. Alex and Tim go to the bar as the bomb ticks down. Tim is right by the blast zone.

Brigitte gets home to find that Martin is gone. She's disappointed.

Valdez's boss gets a call about the bomb. They couldn't stop it.

Tina's husband comes home to disarray. She gives her husband the bug she found.

Walter is at home when the news hits the airwaves about the bomb.

Martin is at the airport when he learns about the bombing.







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Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Brigitte: This career is the path we choose.
Martin: I didn't choose it. And I'm done. Done hiding. Done being afraid. Done with the spy game.
Brigitte: Martin.
Martin: What? It's all lies. In the end, all that matters is money.

No one gets out of the spy business.