Walter's Friend
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Martin finds himself in a tent in a desert. He's confused and starts running. There's nothing in sight so he just collapses, but there's a yak and he sees a tent city and goes to investigate.

He enters a tent and finds food and a woman. Olivia tells him that Gary Banks brought him to her.

Tina is feeling the pressure of raising concerns about the drug testing and tells her husband they have to get out of the country.

At the commission meeting, Dietrich shares that they've made one billion Deutschmarks from letting West Germany dump their trash in East Berlin. Walter is aghast and questions it.

Walter talks about Operation Love Boat and how it will be used to smuggle illegal cargo to South Africa.

Dietrich loves the idea.

Thomas shares an idea about getting East Germans to talk about what's going on behind the Wall via a radio broadcast but Tobias isn't so sure. But when Annett calls to see what's happening, he shares that he may have found a way to expose subversives. 

Martin lost the picture of his son. The Arabs question Martin about his past and Martin tells them everything. They know he's Colibri -- that's who Gary Banks told him he was.

When the Arab guy leaves to deal with a situation, Martin does some digging and finds that these people are terrorists.

Gary Banks is at an airport in Libya and he meets with Brigitte Winkelmann. She wants to know that he got Lenora and Martin out of Angla alive. He has her necklace -- and Martin's picture of Max. She wants to buy the two of them from Banks.

Walter is going to West Germany to work out a deal with the owners of the cruise ship.

Lenora calls Walter to tell him what happened in Angola and that Martin is missing.

Hartmann gives Walter instructions and Walter is off.

Roberto steals something from the hotel kitchen and gets busted, but Lenora saves him. Roberto has seen nothing like this before. He wants to know where Martin is but Lenora doesn't know. Roberto wants to go to East Germany to learn how to play the piano like Martin.

Walter arrives in West Germany and goes into a toy store and thinks he has to pay for looking when the cashier tells him it costs 20 bucks. She was only kidding.

The Arab guy has a nice stash of weapons in his tent. Banks makes a visit. He sold the weapons to this guy. The Arab wants to buy Colibri.

BAnks goes to talk to Martin who only wants to know where Lenora and Roberto are. Banks tells them he thinks they're dead.

Martin follows Banks and the Arabs t another tent cit that is like a weapons supermarket.

Martin hears the yak outside and goes to it but it blows up (as part of a weapons show and tell). In the process, he loses the pictures he took from the Arab and Olivia finds them in the sand.

Martin is at a lounge in West Berlin, a huge teddy bear by his side. He meets the guy selling the cruise ship but the guy wants to drink while Walter wants to get down to business.

Martin plays a game with Banks. He buys vodka shots but is only drinking water as he tries to get Banks drunk.

Walter has been drinking and is flirting with a woman at the bar. She takes him to the dance floor and he has no idea what to do.

BAnks figures out what Martin is doing and has him drink a shot of real vodka. He gets back to the tent and the Arab pulls a gun and wants to know who he is and who he's working for.

Somehow the conversation turns briefly to Elvis and Martin does a great impression. Hilarious.

Olivia wants answers about the pictures and Martin plays it off beautifully. Meanwhile, Banks is searching all the tents for him.

Martin wants in on the Arab's terrorist plot. BAnks finally finds them and wants his payment. While they're arguing, Martin gets away. A bunch of people go after him.

Tobias calls Annett and tells her to turn on the radio so she can hear the broadcast.

She's upset that it's Thomas running the broadcast but after she turns off the radio she immediately turns it back on and listens to a East German punk band.

Martin, meanwhile is running for his life. They're shooting at him but Banks finds him and takes him away in his plane.

Walter shows up at Ingrid's place with the teddy bear. He's kind of drunk. She invites him in, but just gives her the teddy bear and a gift for her, a 45.

When Martin arrives back somewhere safe, Brigitte is there to greet him. He realizes he's just been sold to the highest bidder when he sees the necklace back on her neck. She asks him if he's ever been to Paris.




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Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Hartmann: Curfew is 11 p.m. Be back by then or you'll turn into a pumpkin.
Walter: Pumpkin?
Harmann: Cinderella?

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Walter: Excuse me. We're letting the West dump its trash here just to balance our books? Isn't that beneath us?
Dietrich: Why shouldn't we profit from the West's excessive consumption?