End Game - Devils Season 1 Episode 10
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Kalim informs Eleanor that Dominic fired Massimo. They blame Oliver for having a role in it. Alex tells Dominic that Duval doesn't have the dossier. Dominic arranges a meeting with Duval. Massimo visits Professor Wade. Wade suggests a longshot to stop Dominic. Duval summons Sofia from inside. He reveals Massimo's role in the Argentine bank failure which led to Sofia's brother's suicide. Massimo convinces Li Acheng to back his effort to attack Dominic's German partner banks. Massimo is investing all his resources as well. Eleanor and Kalim agree to do the trading for him. Massimo promises Sofia they'll still go away, win or lose. Oliver discovers LaToyah is pregnant. Massimo pieces together who killed Ed. Massimo summons Oliver. Massimo's plan is having an effect. Dominic reaches out to Jeremy to calm the German bankers. Massimo gives Oliver a way to make millions in exchange for finding out if Nina checked in the day Ed died. Sofia finds Robert ransacking her apartment looking for the dossier. Oliver confirms Nina never signed in that day. Alex confronts Oliver about his call to Massimo. Massimo visits Nina. The police never questioned her. She pushed Ed. Dominic has been covering for her. Massimo's plan works as the European Central Bank president comes out in favor of preserving the Euro. Nina is arrested. Oliver spilled everything to Alex. Dominic is forced out and Jeremy makes Massimo NYL CEO. Wade tells Massimo that Jeremy had wanted to get rid of Dominic. Oliver proposes to LaToyah and she accepts. Sofia isn't thrilled about Massimo's promotion. He attempts to convince her he's changed. She informs him that she's going to bring him down. Massimo orders Alex to leave Sofia alone. A car runs down Sofia. Bale calls Massimo to let him know just before he's introduced as CEO.

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Devils Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Eleanor: We saw you tattling with Dominic last night.
Oliver: Yeah, because he played me. I have no idea why Massimo got fired.

People listen to the devil whispering in their ears. Today, at this moment, he is whispering in mine.