Turning on Each Other - Devils
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Massimo returns to London after his father's funeral. Massimo and Sofia scheme about how to stop Dominic. Massimo agrees to work with Duval. Alex's man photographs them together. Dominic becomes aware of Massimo's connection to Subterranea through Sofia. Massimo and Sofia meet Duval in a park. Massimo tells Duval that releasing Edward's document will cause an economic meltdown in Europe. Massimo convinces Duval to hold off while he attempts to pin Ed's murder on Dominic. LaToya is suspicious of Oliver. Massimo informs Dominic that he'd like to stay at NYL. He also tells Dominic Duval has the document, which he's trying to get back. Dominic informs Massimo that his future depends on getting the document back. Alex wants Oliver to spy on Massimo for him but Oliver wants a trader contract in return. Massimo stages an argument with Eleanor. Kalim connects a laptop to the NYL servers. Duval realizes he's losing Sofia to Massimo. Dominic tells the NYL board that he'll take care of Duval. Massimo plans to disappear. Kalim catches Oliver trying to hack his computer. LaToya confronts Oliver about cheating on her. Kalim tells Massimo Duval is downloading trading algorithms, not the files Massimo told him to take. Massimo confronts Sofia about Duval's hacks. She confronts him about his father's death, which he hasn't mentioned. Eleanor informs Oliver what Massimo is doing. Carlos explains what kind of global economic catastrophe the trading algorithms could mean.Sofia steals back the document. Oliver rats on Massimo to Dominic. Sofia confronts Duval then says goodbye. The police arrest Duval for insider trading. Massimo fingers Paul as Duval's inside man. It was Paul's laptop that Kalim had planted. Eleanor used Oliver to set up Paul. Dominic knew what Massimo was doing and fires him. 

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Devils Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Sofia: There must be some way.
Massimo: I think there is if I end my career. And Dominic Morgan's too.

It's the devil who tempts us with choices.