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Carmen finds out about Hugh's reputation and fills Dani in. She doesn't believe Carmen until Hugh offers her some wine, which she switches out with his. Hugh passes out so Dani calls Carmen to help her figure out what to do. They tie him up and call Rosie so they could question him about Peri's murder. He admits to raping her, and other women, but he denies killing Peri. He says he was blackmailed by the Circle to be part of their gang. The night of Peri's party, she catches him raping another woman and promises to tell everyone. Ben promised to take care of it and then mentions a woman before getting a heart attack. 

Fiona tells Zoila that she saw Kyle back in the house next door. But when Zoila goes to check if it's true, she discovers Spencer hiding out there instead. Zoila hides him and Kill Face there, until Fiona realizes that she actually saw Spencer next door. She fires Zoila, who runs out to warn Spencer that he will get caught. Kill Face doesn't believe that Zoila didn't snitch and wants to kill her when he and Spence get into an a physical fight. Kill Face has a gun in his hand and Spence ends up getting shot.  

Rosie gets Peri's tape from Zoila, who got it from Kyle in the mail. She connects that the woman Hugh was talking about was his daughter, Gail. She was the one who covered up his indiscretions and later killed Peri to keep her quiet. Rosie gets Gail to confess, with the police listening in and arresting her for the murder. When everything dies down, Rosie tells Spencer that she's pregnant with his child. 

Adrian and Evelyn play a game of chicken, both pushing the other to see who cracks first and admits that they don't want a divorce. They manage to hold out until the papers are signed, only to end up having sex. Once Adrian realizes that Gail was arrested and Evelyn was no longer with James, he offers to rip up their divorce papers.

Genevieve goes to therapy, realizing that she needs closure. She talks to Peter and tells him that he shouldn't push Marisol away. He listens and proposes to Marisol at Evelyn's party. Zoila returns to work for Genevieve, just in time to see her leave on a date with Lori. 

There is a one year flash forward to Peter and Marisol's wedding, but the bride is a no show. Marisol leaves a note saying she's sorry but the window is broken and it looks like someone may have taken her out of the room. 

Devious Maids
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