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Zoila's secret is revealed when Frances meets Fiona, which pushes her to tell Kyle the truth too. But when she tries to get Kyle to help her with Spencer, he spills the details to his mother and they move in the middle of them night. They end up taking Peri's tapes with them, something that Zoila almost found earlier in the episode. 

Marisol is confused why Peter isn't answering her phone calls, only to visit his office and find out the news from his assistant. Turns out Peter found out about her cheating moment and left for Hawaii without her. Marisol confronts Jesse, hoping to find out who knew about their affair. Jesse reveals that Genevieve may have connected the thoughts, which pushes Marisol to confront her during her book club. Genevieve then calls her back and reveals what happened when she cheated on Peter. A friend in the business and her were having drinks when she woke up the next day in bed with him. The guy in the business turns out to be the director of Marisol's book to movie project. 

Carmen is focused on getting the part of herself in Marisol's movie, something that she has to compete with Dani for. She doesn't get the audition when she realizes that Dani set her up and pretended to forgive her. Dani gets a callback, which Carmen helps to prepare her for. When Dani visits the office to auditon again, she is alone with the director which probably means that he will tryto make a move on her now that they are alone. 

Rosie is still focused on getting Spence out of jail but he breaks her out of it when Miguel starts acting out so he could get his mother's attention. Rosie doesn't want to let her husband stay in prison, so she asks Zoila to get the tape of Peri confessing her rape but those plans fall through. Meanwhile Spence discovers that his prison mate has built a tunnel and is planning to escape soon. 

Adrian is still trying to dig up something on James, but when he fails he shifts his plan around. Seeing how jealous Evelyn gets when she thinks he's with Gail has him turning the tables on her. Evelyn on the other hand is growing bored with James because of how unexciting and by the rules he seems to be. 

Devious Maids
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Devious Maids Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Book Club is only an excuse for us to day drink.


Fiona: I expect you come running when I call.
Zoila: Like a dog?