Sergei at Amaya - DEVS Season 1 Episode 1
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Sergei and Lily live together. They both work at Amaya. She works in encryption and he works in AI.

He has a meeting with the CEO of Amaya, Forest. Sergei has created a device that predicts the movements of living organisms. 

Forest is very impressed, and recruits Sergei into the DEVS program.

Sergei and Lily agree to never speak about what he learns in the highly classified DEVS program.

Sergei undergoes security screening. Forest personally takes him to DEVS and shows him the high-tech facility he will be working in.

Forest doesn't provide any more information on the work he will be doing. Sergei has to read the code to figure it out.

Sergei reads the code and then gets sick. Very disturbed, he returns to his workspace and asks a co-worker named Katie if they have run this code before. She says yes.

Sergei leaves DEVS. Forest is waiting for him outside. Sergei attempted to steal the code when he left, but Forest catches him and has the security guard from before, Kenton, suffocate him. 

Lily is suspicious about Sergei's whereabouts. She reports him missing. Kenton and Forest feign surprise. They show Lily video footage of Sergei leaving Amaya and walking off-site. 

Lily hacks into Sergei's iCloud to find answers. She finds a hidden password-protected app disguised as a game. 

Forest and Katie discuss the remorse they feel over Sergei's fate.

Lily meets with an ex-boyfriend named Jamie. She asks for his help in hacking Sergei's phone. He refuses.

The next day Lily is called into work early and shown a video of Sergei lighting himself on fire in the Amaya compound.

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DEVS Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Human beings are hard-wired magical thinkers. You could have the most rational thinker and if their kid gets hurt they'll start praying.


There was something strange about it. It was like, purposeful, heading somewhere, like a zombie.