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Dexter wants to kill Trinity, but he ended up saving his life instead. Here's a recap of the latest episode...

Upon visiting the Mitchells, Dexter learns that Arthur is taking a trip to Tampa, supposedly for a Four Walls build. Dexter thinks he's about to kill again and thinks of an excuse for work and for Rita to tag along: a conference on weather patterns. Against Arthur's initial judgment, Dexter snags a ride with the serial killer by claiming he needs to get away.

How come? He later opens up to Arthur and says he accidentally killed a man while hunting. This actually inspired Trinity to share his past with his new pal. He takes Dexter to his childhood home and shows him the bathroom where his sister fell to death. It was apparently because a 10-year old Arthur had scared her. He goes on to tell Dexter about his mother's suicide and his abusise father's death.

For what purpose? To make Dexter feel better, so he'd know both of them had accidentally taken innocent lives.

Back in Miami, meanwhile, Deb had helped Quinn suggest DNA road blocks as a way to catch the Trinity Killer. She also realized that somehow as tall as Trinity could not have shot her. Then who did? Also, Laguerta and Angel were unable to keep their hands off each other, giving in to passion late one night in the office, despite having told the boss their relationship was over.

Might Dexter and Rita's soon be over? She got close to neighbor Elliot after he took the kids fishing and stuck around to have dinner.

In Tampa, Trinity appeared to be losing it. When he and Dexter had lunch, and the latter left for the bathroom, Dex returned to find Trinity at the table of a random family, telling them all about his sister's tragic death. Weird stuff.

This pair returned to ther hotel and Dexter said goodnight, only to set up a kill room and plan his murder. But when he snuck into Arthur's room, Trinity was gone. Dexter ran over to the Four Walls build site and found Arthur spreading the ashes of his sister, prepared to jump. Dexter actually grabbed him as he did and saved his life. Arthur was grateful for the save on the way home - he also got caught in the DNA road block, but turned around because the line was supposedly so long.

All these actions caused Dexter to question the meaning of remorse. Did Trinity feel it? Is that why he tried to kill himself? Does Dexter feel it, after killing an innocent last season? Does that make him (gulp!) human?

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