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Despite Harry's pleas that Dexter is breaking the code's number-one rule (don't get caught), he spent more of this episode trying to get the woman who saw him kill Boyd to trust him.

Dexter learns that her name is Lumen Pierce and she ran away from home. While she remains locked up in the former tourist center, he tracks down luggage from a local hotel where she had been staying and brings it to her, along with antibiotics. But Lumen, whose back is covered by scars and fresh wounds and who has a fever, fakes a suicide at one point and cracks Dexter over the head. She runs out of the building.

After running her down, Dexter ties her up and takes Lumen to the swamp with all the dead bodies. He says he saved her life because she'd have been next. He also tells her about Rita's death and how he's sick of innocent people getting killed. This gets Lumen to trust Dexter, but she won't return home as he asks because she says Boyd isn't the only person that abused her. There are many others and it isn't over.

In other storyline news...

- Angel convinces the cop he beat up not to press charges. But Internal Affairs wants to continue its investigation. Why? We soon learn they are concerned about Maria's relationships with underlings.

- Deb comes close to apprehending the Santa Muerta killers. However, she is forced to let one go when he holds a captive in front of her and she can't get a clear shot. The guy ends up slitting the neck of this hostage and bolting the scene. Deb doesn't handle the aftermath too well and invites herself over to Quinn's for company.

- Quinn gets suspended by Maria after he gets caught trying to show Jonah Mitchell a photo of Dexter and asking if that's Kyle Butler.

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Dexter Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Masuka: He's got daddy's eyes.
Batista:... and your penis size.

What's your plan here? Nurse her back to health so she can go to the police? If she gives the cops enough to track you down then everything falls apart. Harrison grows up visiting you on death row.