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Astor and Cody choose to live with their grandparents this week. As you might expect, the former is the driving force behind the decision. Harrison remains with Dexter, however.


- The Mitchells have all given the police sketch artist different drawings of Arthur Mitchell. Quinn takes home a few copies and starts to piece them together. He appears to be on to something, and we all know what that is.

- Angel gets into a fight with a fellow detective at a bar after he refers to LaGuerta as a "fine piece of ass" and as Angel's "sugar mama," based on the amount of money we know she has.

- Dexter sets his sights on a new victim. His name is Boyd Fowler and he's on dead animal patrol. Dexter follows him home and witnesses his weird routine of talking along with a self-help tape that encourages people to take what is theirs. Dexter later follows Boyd to a marsh and see him deposit a barrel into the swamp.

When Dexter goes back to see what's in the barrel, he finds a dead woman. He also looks around and sees many other barrels.

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Dexter Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

It's like when you get on a plane, they tell you if the oxygen masks come down, to put yours on first before taking care of the kids. I need to take care of my own needs, too. Otherwise, I'll be spinning out of control. That's not good for any one.


You come along and become a part of the family and we thought everything was going to be good forever. You made us think that! And it's not true; things got worse.