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Dexter and Lumen kick off this episode by speaking to Emily Birch, the woman whose blood is around Jordan Chase's neck. She won't speak to them at first, but later opens up to Lumen when she re-visits alone and shares the following:

She was a counselor at camp with the five in that photo Lumen shows her. Led by Jordan - who was fat and went by a different name at the time - Emily was raped and abused by these men. She identified each one, concluding with the one person in the picture we haven't met yet: Alex Tilden.

Lumen and Dexter plot to kill Tilden, but is it a trap? We later see Chase himself talking to Emily, saying how much he cares about her and listening as she claims to have told Dex and Lumen the truth. Just as he asked. Meanwhile, as the murderous duo prepares to kill Tilden, we also see Liddy looking and listening in, courtesy of video equipment he took from Miami Metro after forging Quinn's signature.

Dex and Lumen grab up Tilden and take him to a kill room in the abandoned house next door to his. We see that Chase had planned on setting them up, as he calls Deb and tells her that Tilden left a message for his secretary, panicked, asking about Cole. But Deb and Quinn don't find Dexter and Lumen when they arrive at Tilden's house because, as previously stated, he's next door...

... and Lumen is doing the killing. Dressed like Dexter and using his knives, she plunges one into Alex's chest. Back at Dexter's apartment, she approaches Dexter and these two make love. Dexter's narration tells us how she's the first person to know the truth and NOT see him as a monster.


- Via a raid on Cole's house, Miami Metro found 13 DVDs of the attacks on the women. Dexter is able to steal and replace Lumen's before anyone can watch it.

- Deb suspects a vigilante is taking out the men responsible for these attacks. She later ponders the idea that it's the 13th woman herself, who escaped and is alive. We know, of course, that this is Lumen and this is true.

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Dexter Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

With Lumen, I'm someone different. In her eyes, I'm not a monster at all.


Turns out Cole and him are buddies. They f---ing poke each other on Facebook