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Harrison's appendix burst this week, leading to Dexter praying for his safety at the hospital. Brother Sam also came to sit vigil and Harrison pulled through in the end. Elsewhere:

- Quinn and Batista bonded over pot, but also over good work: through other experts in the area, they learned of Professor Gellar and told Deb about him. He was a professor at the University of Tallahassee, but has been under ground for the last three years. He's now the PD's prime suspect.

- Deb gave her first press conference and cursed, but the deputy chief said he got positive feedback over her honesty.

- Masuka discovered his intern had placed the Ice Truck Killer's hand on an equivalent of eBay and fired her.

- Travis slept with a woman, but Gellar noticed and tied her up the next morning. She ended up being the next victim in the most elaborate scheme yet. The PD arrived at a greenhouse and she was tied up like the angel of death. When an officer walked through a booby trap, spikes killed the waitress. Soon after, a door was opened and locusts flew out.

Dexter walked outside and saw a guy nearby looking and smirking. It was Travis.

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