Emily and Sam - Dickinson Season 2 Episode 2
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Emily enters the Amherst cattle show baking contest and wins first place.

Her recipe and a short article about her will be published in the Springfield Republican.

When Emily shares the news of her publication with Sue, Sue is unsupportive, asking Emily if she wants to be remembered as a baker or poet.

Sam comes by the house and talks with Emily about her poems.

Sam says Emily reminds him of his wife Mary.

Emily continues to wonder if she should give Sam a poem of hers to publish, but Nobody warns her only tragedy will befell her if she seeks fame.

Edward believes he has come up with a solution to get the Dickinsons out of debt.

His idea involves adopting a relative's two girls to gain control of their inheritance.

Lavinia and Ship continue their argument over what kind of woman Lavinia is.

Austin and Sue go to the cattle show, and Austin brings up the topic of having children, angering Sue, who just wants Austin to buy her two horses.

Mrs. Dickinson looks forward to her yearly "date" with Edward after the cattle show, but their plans are sidelined by the unexpected arrival of Mark's two daughters.

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Dickinson Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Edward: Your Uncle Martin is dead.
Austin: Oh, oh, oh, that sucks.
Edward: No, that’s very good for us.
Austin: Oh, OK, good.
Edward: I have been appointed executor of his estate.
Austin: Uh-huh.
Edward: Which means through various loopholes, all strictly above board of course. That we may now have a new cashflow to aid in reducing our debt.
Austin: OK.
Edward: With one minor caveat, of course, which may mean a little extra work for us. The adoption into our home of one or two assets of the deceased.

Mrs. Dickinson: You can take the night off.
Maggie: Well, thank you, madam. It’s so nice of you to notice me back troubles.
Mrs. Dickinson: I didn’t. Today is the Amherst cattle show, which means tonight is a special night for me and Edward.
Maggie: I beg your pardon.
Mrs. Dickinson: You see every year on the night of the cattle show, Edward and I have a date.
Maggie: All right then.
Mrs. Dickinson: The cattle shows gets him very excited.
Maggie: I’ve heard enough, ma’am.
Mrs. Dickinson: Once a year, like clockwork.
Maggie: Please no more details.