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On Dietland Season 1 Episode 6, Plum spend the evening in Calliope House but is shocked to learn upon waking up she is locked in her room. She starts banging on the door demanding to be let out and Sana opens the door for her. She lets Plum know she is free to go whenever she wants. 

Plum decides to explore the basement of Calliope House when she sees an art installation at the end of the hallway. Before she can make her way there Verena shows up to tell her she isn't ready to see the installation. Verena chats with Plum about what happened to her, but Plum doesn't make it sound like a big deal. 

Plum continues to bond with Sana and asks her about what happened to her face. Sana explains her father is the one who threw acid on her face because he was mad at her mother. She explains she is OK with it now. After talking with Sana, Plum goes to Verena and explains what happens. Plum reveals she is tired of men letting her down and slowly Plum starts to embrace her anger. After the chat Plum decides to check out the art installation which is revealed to be Marlowe's project of the top 100 videos currently being streamed on a porn website. A

Plum sits down to watch it along with Sana, but Sana explains to Plum how the women all look the same, but different from them. Plum gets angry and finally embraces her anger. 

Meanwhile, Julia admits to Kitty she knew about Leeta. Kitty gets angry and immediately fires Julia who flees to Calliope House because she has nowhere else to go. 

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