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On Dietland Season 1 Episode 4, Plum is taken ready for the next step of the Baptist plan which involved going along with Marlowe, a former actress. Marlowe takes Plum to get a bikini wax but tries to explain to her this is all part of being a desirable woman. Marlowe continues to take Plum on various outings including going to a dermatologist who injects Plum with fillers and botox. Plum's mom is not on board with the entire thing and demands to meet the women of Calliope House. 

Plum explains they are only doing what they feel is right for her, but Plum's mom is convinced they are trying to hurt her daughter. Plum tries to explain the only way she is going to be happy is if she is thin. Marlowe takes Plum on one final outing to the plastic surgeon where Plum gets an idea of the woman she wants to be. Unfortunately, Plum gets angry and goes off on Marlowe telling her she needs to stop trying to convince her she is beautiful as she is. 

Meanwhile, Kitty decides to capitalize on the Jennifer movement by printing the manifesto in every single Austen Media publication. 

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Dietland Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I care if they're rapists.


One look at their daily papers and all that went out the window, legit titty pics. As gross as our tabloids are there's are worse. Well, they were anyway, until Jennifer got to them.