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On Dietland Season 1 Episode 7, Plum has fully embraced the anger she had inside but she is distancing a lot of people in the process. When she goes to meet with Steven she tells him everything she has learned from Calliope House. He tries to convince her to get away from the group because they are dangerous, but Plum is convinced he is trying to control her. Steven explains he just wants to see Plum be healthy.

Plum goes back to Calliope House and confides in Verena about what Steven said to her. Verena explains she needs to ignore what he said and instead listen to her body. Verena suggests she do some artwork with Sana to put her anger into something else. 

Plum goes to Sana and she helps her find herself in art. Plum gets energized from the artwork and decides to go to the doctor's office to try to get a refund on the deposit she made for the surgery. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse when she is told she won't be able to get the refund because she signed a contract stating she couldn't get it back. Plum takes her anger art by tagging the side of the building with her new piece of art but is quickly caught by the cops and arrested. 

At the station, Plum is questioned about possibly being involved with the group Jennifer, but she denies any involvement with them. Dominic is able to get her out of there, but she is not grateful. Dominic wants to talk with her about the picture she sent him, but she still doesn't trust him. He tries to tell her he can't stop thinking about her, but she again doesn't want to hear it. 

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Dietland Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Steven: Well you look like a Monster High doll.
Plum: Thank you.

You catching this? They're blowing up kids now.