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On the season premiere of Dietland Season 1 Episode 1, we meet Plum Kettle who is writes the letters from the editor of the magazine she works for, Kitty Montgomery. Plum is also in the middle of trying to lose enough weight so she can get weight loss surgery, but the doctor constantly tells her she needs to lose more. 

Plum is at the end of her rope, and when she is about to give up, she is roped in to this new world by two women named Julia and Leeta. Julia wants the emails of all the people who have sent letters to the editor so her group of people can help these women the way they need to be helped. Plum isn't sure at first, but she eventually gets up the courage to hand over the list of emails to Julia when she sees a story about a young girl who was raped, but instead of her rapiest getting arrested, the young girl jumped in front of a bus. Plum is still unsure if she did the right thing, but the deed had already been done and there was no going back to the live she used to live. 

On Dietland Season 1 Episode 2, Plum is greeted by Leeta who convinces her to go see Verena Baptist who is the daughter of the women Plum used to follow when she was trying to lose weight when she was younger. Plum isn't sure she wants to meet Verena because Verena is the one who shut down all the clinics which made a lot of people, including Plum, depressed. Leeta tells her she needs to go talk to her. 

Plum eventually makes her way to Verena's house where she learns the true story about the clinics. It turns out Verena's mother had actually gained the weight back after she made a ton of money, but the weight loss plan was never sustainable as you basically starve yourself. Her mother ended up getting her stomach stapled, but she was never the same. Verena decided to close down the clinics because she knew no matter how much weight you'd lose, the you'd never be able to stay on the diet forever, but they'd still insist on selling you plans. 

Meanwhile, the hunt in underway for the people who are murdering men who have done women wrong including a popular photographer who Kitty wanted to get for the magazine. Will they be able to track down this vigilante group?

Go watch Dietland online now via TV Fanatic to see what happens next. 

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Dietland Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

My body was just a thing I used to move my head around. So I missed a lot.


That's me, Alicia Kettle, but everyone calls me Plum because I'm succulent and round. Also known as fat. It's OK, I'm allowed to say it. I'm telling you this from the future if you hadn't gotten that yet, but don't think this is one of those stories. I'm still fat.