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On Dietland Season 1 Episode 5, Verena is determined to get Plum to embrace not only herself but her anger as well. The second step to the Baptist plan is dating, but Plum isn't completely on board with the blind dates after the first one left the moment he saw her. 

Plum sets out a couple rules on the next two dates. She wants Verena to show the men a picture of herself so they know what to expect and she wants to meet in a public place. Verena sets her up on a date with a man named Aiden. Things go well, but near the end of the date, Aiden tells her he generally goes for thinner women but has been enjoying the date. Plum excuses herself to go to the restroom and when she comes back she is surprised to see Aiden has left. Plum tells Verena what happened and Plum gets upset because she started to let her guard down. 

The last date she goes on is with a man named Jack. Things start off well enough with Jack telling Plum he likes bigger women. As the date continues he shows he actually has a fetish with larger women eating food. Plum finally embraces her anger and leaves the date. 

Meanwhile, Kitty revels in the exposure she is getting thanks to publishing the manifesto in the magazines. Things quickly take a turn when the group known as Jennifer murders a woman named Stella Cross who is responsible for making rape porn. Stanley makes his way down to Kitty and lets her know they can no longer take sides when it comes to this group as they are now targeting women. He informs Kitty she no longer is in power. 

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Dietland Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Verena: I hear you, I do. I recognize how painful this is for you.
Plum: I wanna keep going, but may I make two requests?
Verena: Sure.
Plum: Could I meet the rest of my dates someplace? I don't love people, strangers, knowing where I live.
Verena: Of course. And?
Plum: And then could you tell them how I look before the date?
Verena: I actually did describe you, but...
Plum: I mean a picture is worth a thousand words.

Little girls were siding with terrorists while I just sat there waiting for a gentleman caller. I knew once he laid eyes on me I get what I call the stare. It sprang from a mixture of revulsion and disappointment.