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Peter talks to Margrove who seems on the up and up. He gets Golan's message and arrives just in time to see him being covered up by the cops' blanket.

He slaps Gregory around screaming, wondering who Rebecca is.

Peter meets with Golan's lover. There's not much he can say to the guy. 

It's a blood moon. Pretty, but tomorrow night it will be full. Now it's tomorrow and Lynn is in the car in what was our exclusive clip. The chick didn't want it to end this way. Hey! I'm pretty sure Lynn didn't want it to end this way, either. Lynn gets her to take off the blindfold and she fights like crazy, killing both of her captors. She immediately snaps her heels off and starts to run.

Back at Peters, Emma is annoying. Peter puts his gun down and she eyes it. Peter thinks it should just all end. All the worlds suffering in the name of God. She says he cannot do that. Is Emma a twin? She seems a little to helpful, worrying about the sandstone on his shirt, following the water.

Avram and Mr. Clean talk about killing Joshua.

Peter goes to see Golan's husband again. He's the water man, after all. If they flood the aquifer, it will be utter chaos. The city would be flooded. There are doors that can be opened to save the city, but they aren't opened except for an act of God under an Armageddon Protocol. 

Emma meets with Margrove. She says Peter should be finding out about the Armageddon protocol right about now. Let's go get our treasure.

Joshua is wearing an ugly blue dress. He's telling Tad he's no longer needed and he only needs God. He's a terrible actor. It's kind of funny, actually, but sad that such a terrible little actor was chosen to play the kid.

Lynn sends a message to Ambassador Ridell that the mission has been completed. That mission, from the dead chick's phone, was that she was dead. Not so much.

Tad thinks Josh is putting them through a final test. Faye watches Tad noshing on cashews, slowly losing his mind, deciding he must be the one to slaughter the calf. God speaks clearly and apparently God just gave him a nut allergy. Tad lurches toward Faye and she backs away, her hands folded in prayer. She puts her compact onto Tad as he turns blue. Maybe he's choking. Oh well, she says. I laugh.

Peter is at the aqueduct chasing someone. He finds a bunch of books with the insides cut out. It's Mr. Clean. There is a bomb that will pretty much make sure the doors won't save the city.

Lynn arrives back at the consulate looking like a teenager with red streaks in her hair, except they're blood.

Joshua gets ready to kill Red. I am begging for Avram to kill Joshua first. 

Lynn and Peter make contact. She knows she needs to get the Armageddon protocol set into motion no matter what it takes. Lynn takes a man hostage while Peter and Mr. Clean start start chipping at the wall. 

Joshua and Avram do their dance. It's all coming down to the dances of time and we're not going to learn anything. 

Suddenly Peter is in a well with a false floor, so he's going to pound that out. It's Lynn against the Ambassador. The Ambassador's only card is delusional. The guy doesn't trust the Ambassador and he enacts the Armageddon Protocol. 

The bomb goes off and everyone runs, leaving Avram with Red. I'm so happy. Will Red live?

Emma is Gregory's brother.

The water floods the tunnel and both Peter and Mr. Clean were on the ladder and climb to safety because they're really strong. 

Everyone looks for the temple mount to fall and the beginning of WWIII but nothing happens. Crisis averted. The Ambassador is taken away in cuffs and everyone screams NO when they notice Red is gone.

After it's all over, Peter goes back to to the office and gets his stuff. He researches Emma in more detail and realizes that Emma is Rebecca Donaldson. 

Peter heads back to the nunnery and into her father's hideaway and back down the rope ladder. Margrove is dead outside. Emma is there. Just lurking. She manipulates him a little with the whole "every man has a type" bullshit line. After she gets done giving her sad story, the police arrive. Peter sees Lynn and walks past.

Peter and Lynn salvage their friendship at the end of the season.

Avran makes sure Red is out on a ranch where she will somehow live her life out on a ranch, which looks a lot like a cattle ranch, but he struck a deal where Red was not to be used for milk or meat. Now I'm worried about her lack of lacking friendships. Yes. I said it.

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DIG Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Margrove: Look, I may be an opportunist...
Peter: And an asshole.
Margrove: Granted, but I'm not crazy. And if that mosque comes down it will be World War III up there. Armageddon. The end of everything.

Margrove: The Armageddon Protocol. The end of their world, the beginning of ours.
Emma: Thank you Peter Connelly.