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Golan prepares to interrogate Peter, but he's not going to reveal the card he has in his hands. Instead he asks about what went down with Yussef in Emma's apartment.

Lynn pops in and rescues Peter before Golan can really ask anything too deep. Once they're alone, Peter breaks the bad news... he knew Emma. While he says it's completely innocent, it's hard to believe him as he says it and begs Lynn to trust him. Lynn is obviously miffed and can hardly breathe she's so pissed.

Instead of letting Golan make the next move, Peter suggests they work together, go to the CCTV center to see if there were any vids captured of the chase he was in Yussef.

In New Mexico, Debbie is called to see Pastor Billingham. He's spouting BS. She cannot understand why she saw two Joshes and and she's very confused. He wants to know if she's still committed to the mission and takes her to her Josh, laying on the table in the rectory, naked with a bullet wound in his chest. 

The young man with the red heifer is walking him and talking to him about how they will come for them to take them to Jerusalem. He hears a sound and goes back to the barn. The man in the house hears a knock. Eventually he is shot in the head, after the boy is taken away in a truck with the heifer. The boy never knows of his ward's fate. There are people who will kill them both, apparently.

Peter asks about the corrupted picture to see if Golan has had any luck recovering it. In the meantime, they look for Yussef while having a tiny pissing contest about the perfecting of the facial recognition software that FBI created, but the Israelis perfected.

Yussef wants to deliver the stone right now. He's afraid he'll be arrested and lose it forever.

The other Josh gets the same speech the former Josh did. He doesn't take it as badly as the first did. He's a bit like the Norman Bates of Joshes.

Debbie is cleaning out Josh #1's closet and crying. Bitchface doesn't find that to be a very effective method of doing things and chastises her. 

Golan is sent a photo of Peter's daughter. She has red hair and died a year and a half ago.

Debbie plans to escape, but new Josh attempts to befriend her. He says he was hoping he could look at her if he got scared when he learned a new part of the ritual tonight, but he appears to have no emotions, so I'm skeptical.

Golan lets Peter know he's been doing some digging on him. Peter tells Lynn he knows Golan is about to arrest him and he wants a couple of hours.

The Jewish Yakuza are after the boy and the red heifer. It's utterly crazy.

Peter goes back into Tunnel 7, to the blocked wall. Golan finds him and arrests him. 

Nouveau Josh is having his Bat Mitzvah. The most adorable tiny baby black and white cow walk in, moooooing and he must slaughter it. The crowd gathers around, dressed in drab gray colors, to somewhat cheer him on with their faces. He does look to Debbie for help, squeezing his eyes shut and she shakes her head no. He squeezes his eyes shut again and kills the animal.

Back in the snow, the boy must take the wheel of the van and drive. In the snow. Something he has never done before. 

Golan asks if Peter slept with Emma. He tries to get the full story about what happened and then gets his son. If he was that concerned about Peter, he'd not pick him up. Golan gets a call; they've found Yussef on CCTV. Peter thinks he should have the cuffs removed and they should go find him. Golan asks his son what he thinks.

The boy in the snow is to get onto a boat named Enigma that will take him to Croatia. The man gives him an envelope with money. The Boy leaves the van and heads toward the ship. The Jewish Yakuza are moments behind. The ship has sailed. He learns where it's going.

At the precinct, Peter takes Golan's phone, calls himself and runs out of the building. He'll chase Yussef on foot while they guide him. The chase scene really isn't that interesting, except where it leads. The US Embassy.

Inside is a big dinner with the Ambassador and Lynn. The Ambassador gets a message to leave the dinner. She goes to her office. Yussef is there with the stone. She has a scanner. It makes some noise and she confirms it's legit. There is only one stone left.

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DIG Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Pastor Billingham: It is of great importance that we know now what is in your heart, Debbie, so I'm asking you. Are you still with us?
Debbie: [mumbles] Yes. [louder] Yes, I'm still with you.

Peter: Stop honking! It's just noise. You're just making noise. That's all it is.
Golan: It calms my nerves. Give it a try.
Peter: Nobody in this country has any goddamned patience.
Golan: Patience. That must be what they taught you in the seminary. What? You think you Americans are the only ones spying on your allies? They're not that different, I mean the priesthood and the FBI. Both have rules, uniforms, oaths of allegiance. The thing I don't get though is three years in the seminary, just days before you get your collar and boom [whistles], you drop out. Probably an interesting story in there somewhere.
Peter: Just drive.