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Lynn and Peter are at her apartment. She's afraid he's going to get reprimanded for the shooting at the sacred location. 

Her driver doesn't want to let her out at the Embassy because there are a lot of protests. The protestors soon start rocking the car and they pull the driver out of the car first and Lynn second. She punches one guy out before a smoke bomb is tossed on the ground.

Peter is in the restaurant across from the Israel museum and as he's looking at her journal, someone walks up to him. He knew her and his name is Rami. 

Golan wants the breastplate that was checked into evidence but discovers it was checked out by someone. That can't be good. There was no signature.

The Jewish boy is watching his sister fold laundry. I am pleased to know how many people are calling him the boy.

Peter is meeting all of Emma's friends. They call her an angel. They are all sitting around getting high. They don't have much to share. Starlet mentions Emma breaking up with her boyfriend, but nobody ever met him. Peter decides to take a few bong hits. It's an incredible bong.

Back in New Mexico, Debbie is offered a smoothie, a brush and a dress. The dress isn't optional. She tries to tell Sandra that what they're doing there isn't just wrong but evil. Sandra vows to pray for her and leaves. She comes right back in when Charlie pal ushers her in with a gun. Nice!

They tie up Sandra and try to escape, but the facility evacuates. 

The ambassador visits Lynn in the hospital. She's just happy to learn Yussef has the stone. Lynn learns Nadav had substantial head trauma.

Yussef is at a clinic, limping and bloody. He faints.

Peter is still hanging with the kids. He finds out about the breastplate and Lynn while he's there. Before they leave, he shows them a video of her singing Rainbow Connection and it's the same song his daughter sang when she was a little girl. They have no idea how much it really means to him.

As Peter goes to visit Lynn, he imagines the day Vicki died as the elevator door opens. He can't continue on to see Lynn. 

Lynn gets bad news from the hospital. She breaks down sobbing in the kitchen, saying she's so sorry. 

As Peter and Golan drive to Tel Aviv to visit Julie at the Brad's Pit bar, they discuss parenting. Golan's son is bad at math and Peter used to do the match with Vicki. He's good at math and offers to help.

In NM, Debbie and Charlie steal Joshua, but Tad catches them and starts wailing on Charlie with a pipe. Debbie shoots and tells Charlie to get into the car.

Yussef is freaked out when he wakes up in the clinic, worried that the stone was gone. It's there and he walks out, telling everyone they worked on behalf of a good cause. He calls the Ambassador from the desk.

Peter and Golan discover Julie is a transvestite. He reveals Emma's boyfriend was the archeologist. They bang on his door in the middle of the night to demand the truth. 

The Jewish boy gets his first kiss from the girl.

Peter goes to Lynn's. She's not pleased. She tells Peter whatever it was they were doing should never have gone past the hotel lobby and shows him the door. He asks about Nadav on his way out, but it's too late to ask. She wanted someone to be with her and he wasn't.

The boy is with the red heifer. Painter Pants shows up. The boys name is Avram! He says goodbye to Elena and rides off with PP.

Yussef stumbles through the woods to meet with the rabbi from the Jerusalem museum and he verifies it's the authentic stone. Yussef hands the dude his gun because his job is done. Because the manhunt he caused risks everything he worked so hard to achieve the dude wants Yussef to sacrifice himself. He cannot do it and breaks down crying. Then he says "He's coming," and shoots himself. They bury something in the pine needles (not very well).

Tad wants Josh back. He wants Debbie and Charlie dead as well as anyone else who saw the boy.

Peter heads to the caves in the secret entrance and heads down to the waters. He remembers Emma swimming in them and jump in himself. On the ceiling of the cave is a drawing that matches the one in her journal. 

The ambassador and rabbi have the breastplate and all of the stones. 

The drawing is the same as the makeup of the place in NM.

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DIG Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Lynn: You shot your weapon in one of Israel's most sacred sites. What would you call it?
Peter: My job!

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Lynn: So you noticed agent Connelly at my house?
Nadav: Yes, mam. Will he need a ride?
Lynn: No. I just gave him one. [chuckles]