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Gregory, who we met in DIG Season 1 Episode 6 in the loony bin receives a chess piece. He appears to be 'activated' or something.

Peter is angry at Lynn. She says she was there at 10 but he wasn't. He was there at 9. She says he changed it to 10. Hmmm.

Peter and Lynn have known each other for 20 years and she's always been there for him. It's not her.

The Sisters of Dinah used to be the Keepers of Secrets.

Debbie leaves a message for Amanda Morgan, her mother, apologizing and asking her forgiveness.

Lynn has breakfast with the Ambassador, who admits she switched the times for the meeting with Peter. When Lynn tells her what Peter knows, the Ambassador is interested. Lynn phones Peter immediately after and the Ambassador phones Lev. Lynn was instructed on what to say to the Ambassador and Lev realizes they're trying to link them and he orders her off the phone.

Avram is at the Jewish center, upset he has no heifer. Lev says he shouldn't have entrusted the mission to a boy. He has a group of young men with guns prepare to get her back.

Peter, Golan and Emma are visiting with the third archeologist who worked with Margrove and Donaldson. Donaldson slit his wife's throat and his own at the end. All of his evidence was kept in a secret room. They saw the room in the tape. The room was at the Sister's place which is where Margrove is right now.

Debbie is sneaking back into the compound. She's in a lab. Candidates are marked as viable and unviable. Faye gave birth to a baby. Perhaps Josh?

Peter and Emma find the building. The rent is still paid every year on the same date, so they left it undistured. They're upstairs while Margrove is downstairs. Margrove is smashing through the wall with sledgehammers. Peter is pulling up wooden slats in the floor. Under the wooden slats is a rope ladder.

Debbie runs into the sheriff in the building and he counts to three. She shoots. She finds Sandra ad tells her to step aside.

Lynn finds out that Yussef Kahlid was really inside the building the night Peter said.

Golan sees something worth following while he's casing a joint.

Emma and Peter climbed the entire way down the rope ladder. They stumble around and hear Margrove on the other side finding the treasure..

Lynn runs the entire route so the cameras and winds up in the Ambassadors office.

Debbie takes off with Josh and sets the exits on fire.

Golan follows the dudes into the desert. He calls Peter and tells him where he is before he's beaten over the head by a shepherd.

They stumble upon a service that looks like Essenes doing a sacrifice with the red heifer. As Peter tries to call Golan, two others pull guns on them.

Lynn is in the Ambassador's office when she gets back. The Ambassador makes a call about Rabbi Lev's men in the desert and adds the phrase "in his name Glory" or something. She learns from Phil that Lynn's been poking around and suggests Lynn be taken off the field and that it's done quietly. Lynn, of course, is in the closet.

Debbie parks next to a very brightly lit sign and says they're safe. She starts to wax poetic and Joshua kills her.

Peter and Emma learn about the Essenes and they say they are not killers, but protectors. As they're chatting, the thugs come in and grab Red. A shootout ensues and many are hurt. Red is taken and Peter is shot through the heart.

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DIG Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Now that we know I'm not the big bad wolf, who is?


Peter: Try and look for anything, uh...
Emma: Sane?
Peter: Significant.