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Golan checks in on the investigation of Yussef's body in the woods. What was buried was a digital time card. 

As Debbie shares her story of Joshua and the high priest with Charlie, he wonders if she's high.

Peter is at the office asking for help on the rudimentary drawing and the symbol on the cave ceiling.

Lynn is interested only in the visit from the Secretary of State. She threatens his job. Peter doesn't listen directly to what Lynn shared. The symbol matches a former missing person case. Gregory Donaldson. was admitted to a psychiatric institute after he was found. Donald has a symbol carved in his chest, but the one Peter's looking at drawn in his book. He's writing Jehoshaphat in the dirt by the window. The doctor calls it Jerusalem syndrome, but when Peter mentions Jehoshapaht, Gregory attacks Peter. Emma, most likely, was visiting before she died. 

Golan goes to the coffee shop with the digital time card. It belongs to an employee named Eli. He'll be at work at 5.

Debbie can't believe it's only been three years because she looks so much older. Charlie says she looks so beautiful. The close themselves in the bathroom and do it. Just then, the sheriff drives into the lot.

Avram is mumbling Elena's name. Painter Pants wants to cleanse him. They find an old building and break in. There is a bathtub in there for the cleansing.

Peter meets with a young woman who knew Gregory. She talks about the Order of Mariah. She gives to Peter a key.

Golan finds a closet with a creepy collage full of Emma photos. 

Painter Pants drops ice into Avram's bath and mumbles a prayer. Avram doesn't know the prayer.

Debbie puts Joshua to bed. She tells him he's safe and that she won't hurt him and won't let anyone else. She then unlocks him from his chains. 

Peter and Golan hide from the Cafe worker behind a lattice gate. Ummm. Yeah, he sees them. Peter and Golan argue over the guy after he's caught. He's not the guy, Peter says.

Avram tries to understand the point of the cleansing and the prayers.

Lynn goes to the precinct.

Joshua was outside and Tad shows up. While Debbie is outside with Joshua, Tad gets Charlie and Debbie drives off in the sheriff's car with Joshua.

Peter pretends he's Golan's kid's school to talk to the Cafe guy in custody. Eventually, the guy winks at him. He knows all about Emma, but he ain't talkin. Peter punches the guy in the face and manages to get Lynn in the process. 

Avram wakes up in the middle of the night. He runs into town and calls the rabbi to ask about the cleansing and the prayers. He discovers the guy is essene. He goes back and tries to kill Painter Pants. He fails. Painter Pants raises the blade over Avram's head, but doesn't kill him, either. 

Lynn relieves Peter of his position.

Peter apologizes to Golan about how things happened. Golan says he's upset Peter never got to teach his son math. Peter gives him the key. In a few weeks, when the guy they have in custody kills himself, that will be Golan's case.

Debbie goes to the FBI. While she's in there, she gets a call on the pay phone. She's being watched. If she says anything, they'll kill Charlie. She leaves.

Avram goes outside to find Red is gone. 

The ambassador goes to the catacombs to visit with Margrove. Just a very short walk inside (ridiculous) he says nobody has been in there for 2500 years. They're directly under the dome of the rock. Right under the foundation stone. Welcome to well of souls, he says. Upstairs, men are kneeling and praying.

Back at the hotel, Peter is packing when he sees a shadow under the door in his bedroom. He opens the door. Emma is inside. She's dirty and trembling. Please, I need your help, she says.

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I think we found the killer.


I lost someone close to me. I know how painful it is.