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The men who were standing outside Peter's room break in. He's gone.

Golan wants the guy he thinks killed Emma on suicide watch.

Debbie breaks into a parking meter to get change to make a phone call. Joshua is in the car watching hot air balloons. She called Pastor Billingham. They've reached a deal for him to release Charlie. Joshua thinks she should just give him back. First they're going shoppig.

Golan get home and discovers Peter is "visiting" with Emma Wilson. Shit, he says.

She met a man in a restaurant who told her to get Peter's attention. She was supposed to dye his hair red and do everything exactly as told to keep Peter's attention. That night, he grabbed her and threw her into a car. 

This morning she heard them talking about killing her for real so she tried to escape.

Lynn learns Peter is still in town.

Emma slipped the stone into Peter's pocket because they told him to. Yussef lead him to her apartment. While they're all chatting, Lynn shows up with news about the safety deposit box. Is she the one feeding him information?

Joshua has never been to a store. He asks if anybody can just come in here and and take this stuff home. You need money, Debbie says, or a set of lungs. That's where Josh comes in.

Peter and Golan drive Emma around trying to find from where she came. They find it. She shows them where she was chained to the wall and the bucket she ate out of.

Golan gets very worried they can't do this themselves.

Rabbi Lev tells the Ambassador she will find Peter Connelly and kill him. 

Golan gets to the precinct to discover the guy he put on suicide watch wasn't put on suicide watch and he committed suicide.

Debbie decides after they get Charlie they'll go to Los Angeles.

Lynn calls Peter's wife. That doesn't go over very well. Ambassador comes in and gives Lynn three hours to find him before she revokes his passport and declares his passport.

At the tradeoff in the middle of the desert, Josh has a bomb around his chest. Debbie threatens to kill Josh if they follow her. They seem surprised.

Margrove calls the rabbi. They are near the pillars.

Peter calls his wife who refers him to Lynn. She thinks Lynn wants to help. Peter sees a map of Golan's. Peter learns Golan's boyfriend is a geologist and might know what Emma meant by "it's all about the water."

Margrove says the Rabbi will be there with the breastplate soon.

Debbi is so excited. They're almost at the border. Josh has to pee. When they pull over, Charlie gets out and gets shot. He gets back in the car and then the shooting continues. The car rolls. Faye gets Josh, but Debbie is gone. Charlie is dead.

Debbie starts walking down the road.

Emma dyes her hair by way of apology. They start talking about Margrove and the ashes and the red heifer. The ashes were necessary to mix with the new red heifer for some reason.

Peter arranges a meeting with Lynn. Golan is worried he'll be arrested. Peter wants Golan to go to the bank and find out what's in the box. It's a VHS tape. That's gonna be hard to look at in a bank vault.

Peter is running through the park and a car is chasing him. Suddenly there are two vehicles after him. One guy tells him to get in because he's the guy saving his ass. He looks like the Essene who was helping Avram. He gets back to Golan's where they are about to watch the VHS. A guy named John Donaldson is about to talk about what he thinks is the most significant archeological discovery in the 20th century or ever.

Meanwhile Margrove and Lev are moving pillars.

Donaldson is talking about the Order of the Mariah. The guy is a little freaky. He has the symbol and he know the order has infiltrated all levels of government. He's scared and crying throughout. He's paranoid. He says if you see this, I'm dead.

Emma wonders why she knows the name. 

In the tunnels Lev is placing the breastplate on the stones. Margrove wants to keep the treasures as long as Lev gets the vessels he needs for the temple. Emma finds Donaldson worked with Margrove in 1988. The breastplate spells out Dinah.

Debbie heads into a shop to buy a gun. The woman gives her a little one and she says she's going to need a lot more protection than that.

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DIG Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

All I know is someone who knows you is giving them specific information.


Peter: My daughter had red hair. You look like her. That's why they chose you. She passed away.
Emma: I'm so sorry.