On Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 4, The Doctor brings her Companions back to Sheffield but something strange is going on with the city's spiders.

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The T.A.R.D.I.S. comes back to Sheffield and The Doctor isn't quite ready to say goodbye so she joins Yaz and her family for tea. Meanwhile, Yaz's mother, Najia, has been fired from her job at a new luxury resort that is getting ready to open. On returning home, Graham not only misses Grace terribly but also discovers spider webs in his loft and a giant spider carapace. Ryan and The Doctor meet Dr. Jade McIntyre, a spider specialist, in Yaz's building. They find Dr. McIntyre's colleague, Anna, dead and wrapped in spider webbing in her flat. They track the spider activity back to Robertson's hotel where the industrial waste in the landfill under the hotel has created mutant spiders that grow to enormous size. Robertson's bodyguard and fixer have both been killed by the spiders. The team traps the smaller giant spiders in Robertson's panic room, luring them with the vibrations of dance music and try to herd the largest mother spider using essential oil-fueled spider repellent. Instead, Robertson shoots it dead. In the aftermath, the Companions regroup at the T.A.R.D.I.S. and ask The Doctor to let them join her on her adventures.

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On Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 4, The Doctor & Companions get home only to find something strange is going on with Sheffield's spiders.

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Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 4 Quotes

[to Yaz] What? You actually have friends? [to Ryan] She paying you?


Robertson: Frankie, we're family, right? I mean, you're my... what are you again?
Frankie: I'm your niece's wife, sir.
Robertson: Exactly.