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On Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 12 The Doctor and Clara have to fight to save the earth from Cybermen and that means they discover what plan Missy has set in motion to take over earth and sacrifice someone they love to do it. There are plenty of laughs and a lot of dark moments to get you through the 90 minutes, so enjoy! Watch Doctor Who online now.

Episode Details

On the Doctor Who season 8 finale, Cybermen invade the streets of London and there's a question as to whether the UNIT can contain Missy.

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0 (35 Votes)
Doctor Who
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Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 12 Quotes

The Doctor: Oh, don't do that. You look like you're self-concussing, which would explain all of military now that I think about it.
Col. Ahmed: Colonel Ahmed, sir. Privileged to meet you.
The Doctor: Love your outfit, Colonel Ahmed. Are you in the scouts? Are you a man scout? I didn't know they had those.

Clara: Clara Oswald is a cover story, a disguise. There is no Clara Oswald.
Cyberman: Identify.
Clara: Oh don't be so slow, it's embarrassing. Who could fool you like this? Who could hide right under your nose? Who could change their face anytime they want? Ha. See, I'm not Clara Oswald. Clara Oswald has never existed.
Cyberman: Identify.
Clara: I'm The Doctor.