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On Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 7, The Doctor has made Clara's student Courtney feel poorly about herself and Clara wants him to make it right. Be careful what you wish for because all of a sudden they are all on the moon and things are not good on the moon. When you watch Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 7 online you'll discover what the moon has hidden inside of it. What if the moon is not just a moon at all? That is one of the things you will discover when you watch Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 7 online. Things between The Doctor and Clara are getting very tense. Can they make it better? Will we find out? Why is Courtney so whiny? Hermione Norris guest stars as an astronaut on the moon. They are on a US space shuttle but they all speak in British accents. That is very interesting, right? Well, make sure you watch Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 7 online so that you can find out all of the very latest.

Episode Details

The Doctor and Clara end up on a shuttle making a suicide mission to the moon on Doctor Who.

Rating: 2.6 / 5.0 (83 Votes)
Doctor Who
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Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

Why didn't you just tell her you didn't mean it?!


Courtney: Do you really think I'm not special? You can't just take me away like that. It's like you kicked a big hole in the side of my life. You really think it? I'm nothing? I'm not special?
The Doctor: How'd you like to be the first woman on the moon? That special enough for ya?