Watch Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 8 online and join the Doctor and Clara on the Orient Express in space! Of course, during your time aboard be wary of the mummy stalking and killing passengers.

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Watch Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 8 online right now and right here via TV Fanatic. We offer an array of options, all of which will give you the chance to try to figure out why the mummy is killing certain passengers. Old Mrs. Pitt is the Foretold's first victim and because she is the only one that can see the creature, everyone assumes she was crazy. The Doctor and Clara have chosen the Orient Express as their last hurrah. Clara has decided she can no longer travel with the Doctor. Needless to say he's not pleased. Perkins, the chief engineer, catches the Doctor fiddling with the dead woman's Life Extending chair. Like driving around in a portable hospital, he says. Soon the Doctor comes across Prof. Moorehouse and asks what's the most interesting thing about the foretold? "You know Mythical Mummy, see it and you're a dead man" the Doctor says. You can't run from it. It's always right there behind you. Video footage shows the 66 seconds myth fits. The lights flicker as well. The Doctor warns the passengers "there's a monster on this train that can only be seen by those about to die." But that's not the strangest thing... the passengers themselves are. Experts in alien biology, mythology, physics. The perfect team brought together to analyze this thing. Gus (the train's computer) informs them the goal is to figure out the Foretold's true nature and capture it. There's no time to mourn. The creature runs off some type of tech that takes 66 seconds to charge up. Maisie is the next victim and Clara agrees to bring her to the Doctor. The Doctor tells Maisie to focus her grief, trauma, resentment and he captures it transferring it into himself. The mummy thinks he's her. Start the clock! The Doctor notices marking under the mummy's bandages like the ones on the scroll that attracts it. He comes to the conclusion the Foretold was a soldier, wounded thousands of years ago. "We surrender" the Doctor tells him and the mummy freezes. The clock is stopped. The mummy salutes. "You're relieved soldier" the Doctor says as the mummy dissolves into a pile of dust. Gus thanks the Doctor but survivors are not required. Adjusting the Foretold's teleportation device the Doctor manages to whisk everyone away to safety. Clara speaks to Danny and realizes he's fine with her travels. "To hell with the last hurrah, let's keep going" she says.

Episode Details

The Doctor and Clara have chosen the Orient Express as their last hurrah. But a mummy is killing the passengers on this episode of Doctor Who.

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0 (31 Votes)
Doctor Who
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Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 8 Quotes

There were many trains to take the name Orient Express, but only one in space.

The Doctor

If I was putting together a team to analyze this thing, I'd pick you and I think somebody has. Someone of immense power and influence has orchestrated this whole trip.

The Doctor