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Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 3 Review: Under the Lake

Doctor Who Review: Under the Lake

The TARDIS delivered the Doctor and Clara to a haunted underwater base on Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 3. What did we learn about its "ghosts"? Read our review to find out.
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Doctor Who Trailer: Dalek Genocide?

Doctor Who Trailer: Dalek Genocide?

The Doctor has a choice to make on Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 2. Will he erase the Dalek's from existence once and for all? Watch the official teaser here.
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Once, long ago, a fisherman caught a magic haddock. The haddock offered him three wishes in return for its life. The fisherman said, “I’d like for my son to come home from the war. And a hundred pieces of gold.” The problem is, the magic haddock, like robots, don’t think like people. The fisherman’s son came home from the war, in a coffin. And the king sent a hundred gold pieces in recognition of his heroic death. The fisherman had one wish left. What do you think he wished for? Some people say he should have wished for an infinite series of wishes, but if your city proves anything, it is that granting all your wishes is not a good idea. [...] In fact, the fisherman wished he hadn’t wished the first two wishes.

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Hunger looks very much like evil from the other end of the cutlery. Do you think your bacon sandwich loves you back?

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