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Michael and Gabriel sit across from one another handcuffed to a torture device.

Julian enters the room and explains his master plan. "I don't want to kill you Gabriel. I want to break you. And then I'll take one of your bodies and make it my own" the dyad informs the two brothers.  

Gabriel argues that Alex is to blame for their current predicament. Michael tells his brother he's more convinced than ever that Alex is important. A flashback reveals that Gabriel had a "chosen one" of his own. He raised the boy as his son. When war came to their town, the boy was forced to take part in the battle.

Elsewhere, Alex wakes to find his tattoos shifting, but Noma is not at his side. Outside the little house, Noma is dodging 8-balls when a stranger stops to question her about the Chosen One. "Bring him east" the man pleads with Noma.

Alex and Noma sneak away just as the man uses his power to set the 8-balls on fire. They reach a department store, and see 8-balls obsessed with their former lives pretending to work. The creatures are not attacking, so our duo starts shopping.

In Vega, Claire learns her staff had been murdered by the rebels. Gates warns that action needs to be taken quickly, prompting Claire to set up a meeting with Zoe.

The two leaders come face to face and just as they agree to make peace a shot rings out. David hired a sniper to sabotage the meeting. Claire is wounded during the gunfire, and unfortunately loses her baby. Zoe is not pleased with these turn of events.

Since Riesen is so frail, Julian decides against torturing him for the whereabouts of the amphora. Instead, the dyad questions him about Clementine. The old man opens up and shares his life story. Some time later, Julian returns with a female 8-ball he claims is Clementine. Has he managed to bring her back from the ether?

As farmers prepare for battle, a giant warrior steps forth onto the battlefield. "Today you must be brave David" the archangel tells his boy in this flashback. That's right, Gabriel raised the David that defeated the mighty Goliath. Michael drops a stone in front of the boy, who picks it up, wraps it in his sling and kills the mountain of a man.

Later, Gabriel is devastated to learn that King Saul killed young David and replaced him with an imposter. "Time will never heal this" Gabriel tells Michael. One final flashback reveals Gabriel visited the imposter King, killed his family and threw him from a window.

In the present day, Gabriel sacrifices himself so that Michael gets a chance to save his chosen one. "Protect him and if you can bring our Father back. There's no point to anything without him" Gabriel says knocking his brother free of the machine.

Though Michael attempts to drag his brother out of the torture chamber, Gabriel stays behind to kill Julian. He is so weak though, he collapses on the floor.

Alex and Noma try playing along with the insane 8-balls and attempt to check out. However, the creatures soon turn on them. Outside the store, our heroes find themselves surround by the 8-balls who tracked them from the house.

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Dominion Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Julian: Every great man has his weakness. What's yours?
Riesen: Dying men don't have weaknesses. They got nothing to lose.
Julian: One thing I'd love to know and I don't think it steps on your vow of silence, what brought you to New Delphi? And who's Clementine? I overheard you say her name to Alex.

Gabriel: Seems like a lot of work to kill us. You have Empyrean steel in New Delphi.
Julian: I don't want to kill you Gabriel. I want to break you. And then I'll take one of your bodies and make it my own.