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Alex, Noma, and Pete are captured and taken underground to New Delphi.

They quickly realize these 8-balls are civilized. Though Noma tells Alex some lower angels are more evolved, she's never seen anything like this.

Enter Julian, the leader of New Delphi, who has established a city of merchants that live peacefully with the evolved 8-balls. Julian is quite upset Alex has killed one of his men and demands a life in return.

The Chosen One argues it wasn't a man, but an 8-ball. Julian warns him they don't use that term. In New Delphi, angels and humans live in peace in their underground paradise. Alex doesn't quite understand all this.

In Vega, an assassin named Zoe attempts to kill Claire. Naturally, the Lady of the City assumes David Whele is behind the attempt on her life. She and Arika devise a plan to train a female 8-ball into seducing the senator. By framing David, they can lock him away and avoid any more unpleasantness.

Michael is still trying to figure out the mysterious bonfire. He uses an 8-ball as a guinea pig, and pulls him closer to Mallory. Soon the creature catches fire and dies.

Harper, the woman that spied Michael bathing in the ocean, wanders into town after being attacked by an 8-ball. She sees Michael before passing out. Later, he confronts her and explains who he is asking that she keep his secret.

Meanwhile, Arika trains the 8-ball by offering her items from her hosts former life. The plan appears to be working.

Rose, the newly trained 8-ball, attempts to seduce David and their encounter is caught on tape. He is arrested and locked up.

Alex warns Julian that Gabriel will arrive in New Delphi soon. Before his grand entrance, the archangel sends his higher angels in. Noma spots one of them, and a fight breaks out. Eventually, Gabriel appears and attempts to bargain for Alex. Julian refuses and Gabriel retreats for now.

When Harper goes to confess her sins, Laurel can feel she's holding something back. That would be Michael's secret. Unfortunately, Wes confronts her outside the church and shoots Harper for the good of the town. It's now his turn to confess.

Julian brings Alex and his friends to a sealed cell door. Inside, the unevolved 8-balls guard a key. If Alex successfully returns this key to Julian, their two cities might finally find their way into an alliance.

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Dominion Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Alex: It's not a man, it's an 8-ball.
Julian: No, we don't use that term. Do we? You see?
Alex: What I did was acting on instinct. You have to understand that this... humans with 8-balls, it's not how it is out there.
Julian: That's what makes New Delphi unique. Angels and humans living in peace in our underground paradise.

Alex: This doesn't make any sense. The 8-balls are different, civilized. I don't know how it's possible.
Noma: Some lower angels are more evolved than others, but I've never seen them act like this before. They're so human.