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While the citizens of Vega struggle to pick up the pieces after the bombing, David revels in his accomplishment.

Claire is devastated by these turn of events and the fact David split the city and its resources. Gates explains the clever bastard used his failsafe created to defend the city against 8-balls against them. Though Arika recommends military action, Claire sticks to her guns. "I need to unite my city, but I am not going to use violence to do it" Claire explains.

In New Delphi Julian stalled, making it clear he is really after Michael. As it turns out, the angel Lyrae can hold a grudge and he's out for revenge. "They damned me to the darkness" he tells Alex as the Chosen One threatens to leave New Delphi.

Alex has an idea where Michael might be hiding, so Noma distracts Pete who was sent to follow them. Once he locates the archangel, Alex apologizes for screwing up. Though Alex doubts Michael's intentions, his friend reassures him he would die for him. Using fire and a feather, Michael begins to heal himself. Alex shares the news of Julian's army and figures out he plans to attack Vega.

"Alex you're no match for a Dyad" Michael warns. "I'm not gonna fight him. I'm gonna evict him" Alex replies.

David informs Zoe he blew up the only radio tower on Claire's side. This gives them the opportunity to broadcast their own rallying cry. Zoe begins reading David's speech, but soon decides to speak from the heart. She catches the people's attention. Sadly, Jasper dies.

Gates comes up with a plan to stop Zoe's broadcast by entering enemy territory. Claire refuses, but Gates disobeys her order and heads into the tunnels anyway. Ultimately, Claire realizes she needs to help him and guides him through a secret stairwell.

When Alex attempts his eviction of Lyrae, it appears to work at first. Unfortunately, the Dyad is too strong and reenters his human host. The attempt failed " because a human has to want to be free and we are very comfortable in here" Julian says. Soon, Alex finds himself back in the torture chamber and learns Noma has been captured as well. Julian uses a branding iron to burn Alex's tattoo.

Arika radios David and shares the intel about Gates' plan. Though V1 rebels chase him down, Claire's troops arrive in time to protect him. Gates manages to hack Zoe's transmission and opens the line for the Lady of the City to address her people.

Since Noma still refuses to give up the location of the amphora, Julian nails her wings to the wall. When he tries to burn out another marking, the tattoo fights back throwing him several feet in the air. Gabriel shouts "No," as Noma rips herself free leaving her wings behind.

Though Claire is furious with Gates, the pair end up in a passionate embrace, kissing and shirtless.

Alex and Noma reach Michael who informs them he can not save her wings. The Chosen One shows him the tattoo that fought back and Michael tells him it's actually the constellations Lyra and Vega. The markings were warning them of Julian's attack. Alex and Noma escape, but Michael is captured.

Though David was prepared to gloat, Zoe shoots him in the hand. She clearly understood he was only manipulating everyone for his own ends.

In the woods, Noma tells Alex she's dying and sees a mysterious cloaked figure. The two find shelter, but is this the end for Noma?

Julian drags Michael into the chamber, leaving him unconscious at Gabriel's feet.

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Dominion Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Get me across the trench. I can manually override the broadcast from the tunnels under the station. I can cut off her speech and play one that you record.


Alex: You're not gonna kill Gabriel, are you Julian? You never were. So what do you want with him?
Julian: Michael and Gabriel stole everything from me; my body, my wings, my connection to our father. They damned me to the darkness and you can't comprehend what that means. But I'm gonna make them suffer. Michael most of all.
Alex: How? You lied to me.
Julian: Truth. Lies. God's gone. What use is morality when there's no piper to be paid?