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Michael roams through New Delphi, while Gabriel dispatches 8-balls by throwing them to their deaths.

Julian and Alex strike a deal to trap Gabriel in a section of New Delphi called the inner sanctum, while Noma hides the amphora.

Michael and Alex reunite, and the Chosen One flashes back to their first meeting. The archangel saved him from a couple of bullies and taught him to be strong.  Michael apologizes for leaving, but it was for the best. Alex tells him they've captured a Dyad.

"Alex, a Dyad is far stronger than any 8-ball. Julian will want the markings for himself. Please you must come with us" Michael says.

Naturally, when he learns Michael and Gabriel have joined forces, Alex refuses him and wanders off to find Julian.

Meanwhile, Julian figures out Riesen is sick and offers him immortality as a Dyad. Riesen refuses and the Dyad escapes. He then explains the archangel brothers would never kill each other, convincing Alex there's no other choice. Trap Michael to kill Gabriel.

In Vega, Gates informs Claire and Arika that the rebels made off with a mysterious truck/case. Claire then places a bounty on Zoe's head; dead or alive. This leads her own troops to turn against her for the reward. Jasper is wounded in the shootout but David saves her life.

David offers to negotiate in an effort to save Jasper's life. He meets with Arika and informs her the plan is to blow Caesars Palace and Claire along with it. Arika tells him if returns the truck (and C-4) he will be welcomed back and his reputation restored.

Michael and Gabriel meet and as always disagree on how to proceed. Michael is forced to wound his brother in order to keep him out of the fight. Alex leads Michael into the trap and he's captured using a net made of empyrean steel. It isn't long before Gabriel appears to help his brother.

Though the archangel fights bravely, he's overpowered by Julian's men. Luckily, Michael manages to get away.

David contacts Claire and tells her he has the explosives. Unfortunately, he changes his mind and blows the tunnels effectively splitting Vega in two. David Whele just ignited a civil war, as Claire watched from her tower.

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Dominion Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Arika: Now, where were we?
David: You have to get me out of here. Tell Claire I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get back to Whele tower.
Arika: David you slept with an 8-ball.
David: We both know that's bullshit. Claire just has to release a statement exonerating...
Arika: David shut up. Tell me about Zoe. The crate, what's inside?
David: C-4, maybe a few hundred pounds. They stole a truck this morning. Plan is to blow up Caesars Palace and Claire with it.

Alex: Well, a lot happened while you were away. Noma and I survived the aerie. Made it all the way to New Delphi. Hell, we even captured a Dyad.
Michael: A Dyad?
Alex: Yeah, Julian.
Michael: Alex, a Dyad is far stronger than any 8-ball. Julian will want the markings for himself. Please you must come with us.
Alex: Who's us?
Michael: Gabriel.
Alex: You came here with Gabriel?