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Alex takes out the 8-ball with the chainsaw as Michael arrives; the others scatter.

The archangel informs Alex that Gabriel is still Julian's captive and that he sacrificed himself so Michael could escape. "That doesn't sound like Gabriel" Alex says. "Gabriel's full of surprises" Michael replies. Julian will attack Vega soon, they must hurry.

At the house where Alex and Noma stayed, Michael notices the 8-balls were burned from the inside out. Noma tells him about the stranger she saw. "A man appeared to me. There was a presence about him. Like he was something more. I was delirious, what sticks in my mind is he said, "Bring him east" Noma told Michael.

A mysterious figure appears at the gates of Vega claiming to be William Whele.

Arika and David threaten one another via walkie talkie, while Gates listens in. Zoe and David temporarily set their differences aside and decide to take the nearby armory. Gates warns Claire that it is time to strike hard and fast.

Meanwhile, in New Delphi Clementine continues working to convince Riesen it's really her. He's not buying it, but she's wearing him down. Clementine brings up the past forcing Edward to remember the start of the Extermination War.

In these flashbacks, we realize Edward was just a civilian who took the name Riesen from a dead general. When the angels attacked, he rushed home to find his wife had been possessed. That very day his relationship with the 8-ball began.

Having no luck by torturing Gabriel, Julian decides to drug him instead. The archangel has visions of Claire, Noma and Arika who attempt to convince him to give in to the dyad's demands. Ultimately, Julian realizes the archangel's mind can be broken.

The twisted dyad also informs Riesen that Vega is dealing with a civil war and that Claire was shot. Getting weaker by the moment, Julian again offers to make him a dyad. "A dyad can help Claire to save the city. Especially with a New Delphi army and me at his side." Riesen seems to be considering the option now.

In Vega, William enters a bar and is mocked when he tells people who he is. He later beats one of the men to death and takes his money.

Zoe and David attack the armory, however, Gates blows the building capturing Zoe while David escapes. Arika is arrested for her role in the revolution. Claire visits Zoe in jail and blames her for everything. "My baby is gone. And now I have to fight a war without mercy" she tells the young woman before shooting her in the head.

William shares a story of how God reveled himself out in the desert. He believes he survived because he has been chosen.

Riesen opens his eyes to reveal he is a dyad.

Gates coughs up blood due to Arika poisoning his drink.

Julian enters the torture chamber with the amphora in hand. Gabriel is not pleased.

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Dominion Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Gabriel: I need time to recover, heal. An hour maybe two. And then I'll summon my angels and we'll slaughter that dyad and everyone else in this cursed pit.
Claire: Of course you will.
Gabriel: You don't believe me.
Arika: No. Even with your wings.
Noma: It's a losing proposition.
Gabriel: But I'm an archangel. One of the greatest warriors the heavens have ever seen.
Claire: Julian is far more powerful than that. You don't stand a chance.
Gabriel: What do you suggest?
Claire: Stay here with us.
Gabriel: Why exactly?
Noma: Because we will protect you.
Arika: Because we want you.
Claire: Surrender Gabriel. It's easy if you try.

Noma: Yesterday I went out to draw the 8-balls away from Alex. Something strange happened.
Michael: What?
Noma: A man appeared to me. There was a presence about him. Like he was something more. I was delirious, what sticks in my mind is he said, "Bring him east." Does it make any sense to you?
Michael: No.