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In 1927, Niles was working undercover. He spotted the freak show and believes she had ties to a woman he's kept quiet about for years.

Niles is shocked to see Dorothy and what is happening to her at the carnival -- as cruel as he'd imagined and as cruel as he feared.

He still doesn't understand her beast whether spirit or familiar, but he knows it belongs to the woman he loved and left long ago. Apparently, the beast hadn't forgotten him, either.

The creature dind't kill Niles, though, and he awoke to see Dorothy out of her cage stroking the beast before it disappeared.

Niles shows Dorothy drawings of her mother and the beast.

Niles turned to Danny to keep Dorothy safe until she's a little bit older. It seems that plan failed since it was 90 years ago.

Dorothy doesn't want to loose Niles again, and she's scared.

Cliff doesn't care about that. He wants to know why Niles did what he did to the group.

None of what he says matters to Cliff. He wants to know about them. They were all part of his quest for true mentality. The talisman around his neck kept him alive, and he traded it to be large again.

Niles wants to ensure his daughter will be safe so that she doesn't destroy everything once he's gone.

Cliff wants to know about the night of his accident.

Darling is singing rise and shine our father is dying to Jane, who freaks out.

Jane is arguing with her passengers before shooting up again.

Dorothy isn't in a good mood. She refuses to believe that her father is dying. She says she heard dad and the drunk wizard talking but refuses to believe it.

Nobody wants to believe it. Niles doesn't want anyone to fret. Niles is 139, so it won't be long before he dies. Rita freaks out.

Danny is now a brick, and that's why she can't go back there.

Niles wants to work it out. Cliff wonders which way similar them he'll decide to be to extend his longevity. Finally, Larry comes in, looking dapper, to reveal that they are all failed experiments and his son is dead. He doubts Gary even knew he existed.

Vic is in a support group. He seems to have a bit of a crush. The girl, Ronnie, wonders why he got to slink in late when the rest of them have to be on time.

Vic notices her dog tags when Ronnie can't finish and sits back down. He has to turn off his recorder to continue, but then he doesn't feel comfortable enough to share.

Herschel greets Niles at the door telling him a knock-knock armageddon joke. Armageddon tired of all that knocking.

Dorothy says she could make a wish to keep him safe, but Niles demands she never makes a wish for any reason.

Jane has been using the formula to keep her on the surface because she thinks her people will pull her under. Cliff wants to help, but she calls him codependent and says to steer clear.

Niles is at his table having a pity party. Niles says they were the plan b she wondered about. Too bad, go to plan f then, but stop moping around.

Continuinium bends time. Rita thinks it sounds promising. Discovered on a meteorite on a beach in Bali by Dr. Jonathan Tyme, there isn't anymore left.

The guy traveled the world over and over continuinium in hand. They need to find Doctor Tyme.

Vic decided to dry dishes while Ronnie washes, and she counters with "you're not gonna rust." And she's not sorry for the camera face thing. He says he's not upset. He's grateful. He's new to this and doesn't know the rules.

She wasn't speaking about her time in the service but her mother's death. They both lost their mothers in accidents. The guilt, the replaying, the sadness that creeps in every day. He asks her to eat together.

Rita suggests a mission of stealing Tyme's helmet to help the chief. Jane and Cliff do not agree on the direction. Jane is on board, and Cliff is out.

After Niles shows up, he's in for reasons too topsy turvy to explain.

Niles begins dishing about the people he's sent in previously who didn't accomplish their mission. Niles creates a temporal wormhole to transform them to 1980. Clockwise. They think Cliff is lying.

They transport to a black hole with a set of brown double doors.

Toot toot hey beep beep. Bad Girls! They're at a roller rink. What the fuck is what Cliff wants to know. Doctor Tyme looks like a contestant on Masked Singer.

Vic offers to walk Ronnie home, but she refrains and then gets attacked by someone. She can protect herself quite well.

Vic and Ronnie have different feelings about justice.

Larry is at Gary's funeral. A man in uniform who spoke at the funeral recognizes Larry's voice. It's Paul, Larry's other son. He says that if Gary knew killing himself would have gotten his dad back, he probably would have done it sooner.

Larry's grandson is there to pick up Paul. Larry is invited to partake of some of Gary's favorite treats.

Tyme thinks that is the best time ever. But when Rita kills him and then saves him, too, he does nothing but insults her. When they're kicked out of the party, Rita smacks Niles good.

Larry goes all the way to the party but doesn't go inside. His other self lures him into the family barn filled with memorabilia about Larry. He finds a letter Gary wrote to him as a little boy wondering where he had gone.

Jane remembers Kay and Miranda saving Kay. Miranda was powerful because she knew what the girl wanted.

Cliff discovered that while his daughter was expendable, Niles would do anything for his daughter. Like chop me up, Cliff says, and vows vengeance.

The butterfly that landed on Larry's shoulder shows him a field of butterflies.

They seem to attack him.


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Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Wait. You gave away your longevity like some kind of asshole? Then what was all this for?


If you want to understand what I've done, there are things you must understand about my daughter.