Bright-Eyed Rita - Doom Patrol Season 3 Episode 6
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As Rita travels through time, Larry's voice narrates an internal description of her emotional turmoil. Her tears purge her memories.

Iowa, 1917. Time machine emerges in a field and Rita is welcomed by Betty Ann Bucklestone.

The Bureau of Normalcy is called in to investigate. She claims her name is Laura DeMille based on a paper in her pocket and when her face sags a little, they take her into custody.

The Brain and Mister Mallah watch from a distance. The Brain plans to build his own machine.

Larry watches after Paul as he rambles nonsense.

Jane sends Kay to the surface to buy her own shoes.

Vic finds Cliff playing a game with an online companion watching. Vic is questioning his identity as Cyborg. Cliff isn't helpful.

Agent Wilson and his partner take Rita into a holding facility. She notices some automatons passing items to each other. The agents are peering into the Meta Recruiting Lab.

The door opens and another agent guides a tall, smoking man out.

Rita is summoned by a woman's voice. It's Rouge, aka Laura DeMille. She tests her for powers and manages to get her to use her elasticity. Rita is deemed "Not a Weapon"

Rouge in the modern-day finds Cliff and asks him about the Sisterhood of Dada. He tells her they don't like Laura DeMille and are working on an art thing.

Rita gets assigned to the mail sorting room and Holly names her "Bendy" since she's quite able to use her powers to sort the mail.

Outside the mailroom, the bicycle man, the woman from the glass box, a woman in a lab coat, and a man with a pipe notice Rita's abilities.

Rita sits down in the cafeteria which causes a problem with the agents. The bicycle man comes in and insists she come with him.

The Metas eat in the basement. Holly introduces Rita to the man with the pipe, Malcolm; the woman in the lab coat, Shelley; the woman from the glass box, Shichiko; and the bicycle man, Lloyd. They explain that Metas deemed weapons are sent to the front line of the war and non-weapons get treated like second-rate citizens.

Jane watches from the viewer as Kay goes to buy shoes. Kay gets distracted by a bicycle and rides off on it. Pretty Polly interrupts her, but goes away eventually.

Vic goes hiking.

Rita finds a mail cubby filled with items for Niles Caulder who is on assignment. She finds his sweater and is smelling it when Laura walks in. They start to discuss the Sisterhood of Dada when a fog rolls in.

They are transported to the Sisterhood's enclave apartment for a party.

Cliff has a crisis with his credit card and decides to auction a date with Cyborg.

Rita and Rouge chat in the aftermath of the party.

Kay enjoys her joyride but nearly runs into a man. Jane is worried but he's a nice guy and warns Kay to watch out for cars.

Paul's recovered and he and Larry have a talk about Paul's grievances and Larry's regrets. Larry finally concludes that he can forgive himself and asks Paul to leave.

Vic finds the tree he hiked to with his mom in the Afterlife and makes a connection when he finds the rocks she'd collected.

Rita and Holly enter the lunchroom and Rita decides to make a stand by sitting down at a table again.

Holly follows suit and so do the others. The scrutiny of the agents causes Rita to start to blob and she tries to run but Malcolm arrives and supports her. She recovers and the Metas start a small riot of their own in the lunchroom until a security officer orders them out.

They rally their courage and march out. The security guard turns out to be Laura. They all escape before the real guards show up.

Jane waits on the platform of the Underground and the other personas, led by Dr. Harrison arrive to confront her. Kay returns, happy and safe. Jane insists that this is what is needed to help Kay.

Cliff is spiraling and sinking to selling blueprints of his body to finance his Internet addictions.

Vic sees Dr. Chalmers about synthetic skin.

Larry's bump returns and causes considerable pain as it emerges.

Rita is looking at the time machine when Malcolm comes to tell her how glad he is that she came to their time.

In the modern-day, Rouge is examining all her information on the Sisterhood when they arrive metaphysically and set fire to the room, branding the ceiling.

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Doom Patrol Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Vic: I've been thinking. Am I the hammer or the nail?
Cliff: My brother, I hear you.
Vic: I mean, am I the proximate man? Why am I even Cyborg?
Cliff: What? Huh? Because you're a fucking god. You can basically bang anybody you want. Like the entire cast of The Love Boat or Knots Landing. Why in God's name and nutcheese would you want to change that?
Vic: Maybe because it's not all about who you can bang?
Cliff: Said no superhero ever.

The Brain: Quickly, Mallah. Capture every detail of the vessel before they haul it away.
Mister Mallah: Great idea, sir.
The Brain: I'm The Brain. All I have are great ideas.