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Niles' effigy smokes as it burns to bits. Jane's asleep and in her mind, wanders in on Kay and Dr. Harrison.

Kay wants to go up to the surface so she can try on new shoes. Dr. Harrison is against this. Kay runs off and Jane faces off with Harrison.

Vic is setting Cliff up with his Internet-purchased drugs when he is back online suddenly. He rushes off and Cliff decides to raise the dosage of his meds so that they work faster.

Vic checks in with Silas who got him back online without S.T.A.R. Labs knowing. They reconcile somewhat.

Larry's bump has disappeared. While Rita's examining him, his skull starts to move around under his bandages.

Rouge calls a team meeting.

She has come to the conclusion that when the Doom Patrol broke open the Bureau of Normalcy's Ant Farm, they freed the Sisterhood of Dada. She presents her evidence and, using Jones' book, she figures out their current location.

She wants the team to kill the Sisterhood. The team agrees once she agrees to leave once it's done.

Rouge shows Rita her image in the film. Rita's excited for proof that she's a time-traveler.

On the way to the Dada site, Cliff is acting stranger than usual due to the effects of the pills. He notices that Larry's bump is on the back of his neck and he tries to get it, causing Larry to drive off the road in a panic.

Larry stays with the bus while the others wander off, looking for the Sisterhood.

Rouge shares the letter Niles wrote with Rita. They drink. Rita provides the time machine piece she broke off to prevent Rouge getting away.

Cliff sees a gel-covered talking bicycle roll by chanting, "Toad bonnet B, Thatcher's blue bum," and a floating shape that taunts him. Next, he finds an ice cream truck with a sleeping driver. As he breaks into the back for a treat, a spiraling portal appears with a woman in the center.

Jane wanders into a cake shop, following the sound of Hammerhead's voice. A woman appears, asking Jane to shut the doors. She tells Jane that the others can't reach her in the shop. Only Kay is in the shop with them.

The woman introduces herself as Shelley Byron, aka The Fog. Jane realizes that she's from the Sisterhood and offers to join them.

Vic finds a man sculpting a face in clay and asks to join up.

Cliff finds himself in a void. He finds a Japanese woman in a glass box.

Byron decides Jane is here for the Eternal Flagellation. She wants Jane to know herself.

Vic and the bicycle man sit and talk.

Cliff suddenly starts speaking Japanese. When he reverts to English, he gets a lot off his chest. In return, the woman conjures a lotus out her breath and describes her despair. Cliff, still high, tries to hug the glass box.

Back at the bus, Larry sees a soldier walk by. He goes to hide in the bus but sees his son and follows him into the fog.

Rita and Rouge are dancing in the mansion as they fix the time machine.

Byron shares her history with Jane. As she's starting to feel comfortable with Byron, suddenly Hammerhead bangs on the door.

Larry follows Paul who turns and pulls a gun. He pulls the trigger but it doesn't go off. He drops the gun and a tiny lobster crawls out of the barrel.

Hammerhead punches through the glass.

Cliff utters Rouge's name, Laura DeMille, and all the denizens react. The ice cream truck driver animates, puts on her headphones, walks up to Cliff and punches him through the Japanese woman's glass box.

Hammerhead and the other personas come through the window but Kay rejects them and Jane. Byron bids Jane farewell and everyone wakes up back on the bus.

Larry somehow has Paul with him still.

They return to the mansion with no intention of approaching the Sisterhood again to Rita's dismay.

Vic finds the bicycle man's mask in his jacket. He smashes it against the wall.

Cliff pours another bottle of pills into his intake.

Jane finds herself blocked from being with Kay by Dr. Harrison, Pretty Polly, and Hammerhead. She wakes up and finds a sweet left from Byron in her pocket and eats it.

Larry takes care of Paul, noticing that he's wearing a Bureau of Normalcy lapel pin. He swears he'll stay with him. The bump glows with a blue light.

Rita tries to pep Rouge up but Rouge rejects her. Rita takes her time machine key and heads down to the basement.

She jumps in and starts it up.

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Doom Patrol Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Hey, Doctor Who. Did you get us all in here so we can watch you do your kegels? Or did you actually have something to say?


Silas: I never wanted to be the kind of dad who pushes his son down some preconceived path. Maybe turning into one's own father is an unavoidable tragedy.
Vic: Great.