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In 1917, the salon is a raucous center of creativity. Byron and Rouge are telling Rita about the film they are planning which will be the film Rouge finds in the mansion in the future.

Rita invents a dance for herself which the others celebrate.

In the present, Rita and Rouge face each other on the lakeshore. Rita accuses Rouge of lying about making art and only caring about influence. She tells her she's hidden the time machine. Rouge voices her intention to rejoin the Brotherhood of Evil. Rita tells her that Niles defeated them a long time ago. Rouge plans to bring it back.

Rita lunges at Rouge who turns into a bird and flees.

In the mansion, Cliff congratulates Larry on choosing to raise his space parasite, while Jane looks on. They take over playing with the larva and when Larry tries to ask for it back, they tell him he's not capable of fatherly love and laugh at his protestations. Larry wakes up from the nightmare in a trashed kitchen with the larva lying on the table.

Larry talks to the larva, figuring out that they're connected emotionally.

In the recovery room, Vic talks to Silas about the procedure that removed his tech.

Silas goes through the times he's visited Vic in the hospital. Birth, appendicitis, sprained ankle, and the time he became Cyborg. Silas shares that he was racially profiled and assaulted the night of the sprained ankle which is why he missed Vic's football game. That moment of shame is what motivated him to give Vic the Cyborg tech.

Vic accuses him of taking away his choice and points out that Silas won't even hug him, now that he's not Cyborg. Vic walks out, leaving Silas in tears.

Jane asks Kay where the other alts have gone, but she doesn't know and doesn't care. She wants to be free of them like when she was in The Fog's sweet shop.

Kay boards the subway car and leaves Jane on the platform.

In Boca Raton, Florida, Rouge tracks down The Brain and Monsieur Mallah at their retirement home.

Cliff and Vic run into each other outside the mansion.

Inside, Rita is giving a presentation on the Brotherhood of Evil to Kay and is a little disappointed to learn she no longer has any powers.

Vic and Cliff come in and Rita realizes Vic's weapons are gone.

Larry comes in with the larva and welcomes Vic. Rita restarts her presentation.

The Brain gives Rouge a tour while Mallah is angrily preparing drinks. Rouge explains her problem and The Brain isn't interested in helping her out until she gets serious. Mallah refuses to acknowledge orders.

Cliff signs on with Rita's plan until Clara shows up.

Rouge goes through The Brain's storage boxes. He offers her another mission to secure her place in the Brotherhood.

Clara shows up with Rory and Cliff's pills. She offers to take him to see a real doctor.

Vic finds Kay in the examination room where Niles used to interview her alts. They have a talk about feeling like themselves for the first time in a long time. Kay asks Vic to interview her. He obliges in his best Niles Caulder voice.

Larry finds Rita packing to pursue Rouge. She explains there's history now, due to the lifetime she'd lived while away.

Larry's larva keeps reacting to his emotions and zapping him.

Rita suspects Clara is Rita in disguise. When Cliff returns, Rory is alone in the kitchen. Clara comes back carrying another Rory. The Rory Cliff is carrying suddenly turns into Rouge. Clara flees and Kay hides. The others try to take out Rouge but she overcomes them and zaps Cliff.

Kay sends Jane back to the surface, but by the time she arrives, Rouge disappears with Cliff.

Rita rallies the team to rescue Cliff.

Cliff wakes up with The Brain in his face. He reveals that Cliff's body isn't just a scientific marvel, it has magical properties.

Rouge enters and lays out their plan to destroy the Doom Patrol with The Brain in Cliff's body and Rouge disguised at his side.

Mallah enters and hits Rouge with a hypodermic needle, knocking her out.

Kay wanders the Underground looking for Jane.

As they drive down to Boca Raton, the team argues. Larry reveals that Rita's motivation is Malcolm, not Cliff.

With Cliff's brain in a labeled jar, Rouge wakes up in restraints with no powers. The Brain, now in Cliff's body, explains his reasoning for backing out of their deal. He's decided to take the Robotman body and have a nice retirement.

In the Underground, Kay finds the alts.

While The Brain takes his body out dancing, Kay cowers in her room and screams. On the surface, Jane lets out a scream that triggers the larva who blows up the bus and it flips. In the woods, Mallah dumps Rouge and Cliff's brain in a jar over a cliff.

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Doom Patrol Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Art is the only path. The only path through this messy life is paved with moments of pure expression.


Byron: It's called Woman Petting Cat
Rita: You can change into a cat?
Rouge: Well, yes, of course, I can turn into a cat. I can turn into anything I like. That said, I will not be turning into a cat. I will be turning into a bird.
Rita: A bird! Why?
Byron: Because I'm allergic to cats.
Rouge: Because Shelley's allergic to cats. And neither of us could be fucked changing the title.