Sadie and Albert - Doubt Season 1 Episode 1
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We're introduced to Sadie Ellis, an attorney who's client, Billy, has been accused of murdering his girlfriend 24 years ago.

The DA offers a deal, but Sadie doesn't accept it. She's ready to go to court. He gives her 48 hours to reconsider.

Sadie takes the plea to her boss, Isaiah, and they discuss if they think they can win the case.

We're introduced to another lawyer in the firm, Cameron. Isaiah wants Sadie to help her with her case, but neither Cameron nor Sadie thinks she needs help.

Sadie got Billy out on bail, and they get dinner. He admits he has feelings for her.

Albert's fiance breaks off their wedding because he works too much.

Cameron tries to prove her client is crazy.

Sadie and Albert have Billy walk them through the night his girlfriend, Amy, was murdered. They think if they can get his confession thrown out, they could get the case thrown out. Otherwise, the plea is his best option.

Cameron's client is given the choice not to take his meds. He chooses not to, and has an outburst in court.

Sadie's motion to supress the confession is denied. They plan to take the plea, but Isaiah finds out the witness wanted a book deal and they can destroy him in court. They turn down the plea and find out the DA found the murder weapon.

The weapon has blood on it, and Billy offers to submit his blood. He wants to prove he's innocent.

Cameron wins her case when her client is found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Sadie tells Billy she's gotten too close to him and that Albert should take over his case. Billy kisses her, but she pushes him away and leaves.

Sadie visits her mother who's been in jail since she was two. She's up for parole again and Sadie wants her out.


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Doubt Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Cameron: I don't need Sadie's help.
Isaiah: Are you sure about that? You couldn't convince a jury that a man who believes he's Jackie Chan is crazy.

Albert: She is the worst assistant.
Sadie: She's a Make-A-Wish kid!
Albert: When she was 3. Now she's 23, she survived cancer, she got a trip to Disneyland, and now she needs to be fired.
Sadie: You're a terrible person. Leave her alone.