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Rose's surprise birthday party for Robert risks scandal.

Edith receives troubling news.

Mary meets up with another old suitor.

Mary asks Anna about her and Bates again, and Anna has a better outlook.

Robert is worried about pig farming, but not so much that he's not willing to go through with it.

Bates is brooding about Anna.

Mrs. O'Brien helps Rose with Robert's birthday party and Thomas doesn't like the secret being kept from him.

Violet is still arguing about the paper knife that she thinks was stolen by the gardner.

Edith believes Michael has vanished into thin air. Nobody has heard from him.

Alfred receives a letter from The Ritz that a candidate dropped out and as the fifth, he's received a place.

Daisy is heartbroken Alfred is leaving.

Everyone is proud of Alfred. He thanks the family and praises Carson.

Robert knows about his dinner, but Rose says there will still be a surprise.

Mr. Carson doesn't want to offer Molesley to the footman position even though they need a new one with Alfred being off.

Thomas thinks the family is getting ready to lay off some of the staff.

Alfred seeks out Daisy to say goodbye to her. He apologizes for hurting her.

Isobel goes to Violet's after she leaves with the intention of searching for the missing letter opener and immediately finds it down the side of a chair.

Molesley saw Alfred leaving on the train for London, and he checks into Downton with Carson to show his willingness to accept the footman role. Carson tells him he has no intention of humiliating him by offering him such a low role and sends him on his way.

Isobel and Dr. Clarkson ambush Violet about the gardner and injustice, only to learn she had already apologized to him and offered his job back.

Mary tells Anna to enjoy her dinner out and not to hurry back, because she's sure she can get herself to bed.

When the Bates arrive for their dinner reservation, they are greeted poorly, the host throws the Grantham name around and Cora shows up to save the day.

Edith receives word that her "symptoms" are indicative of those of someone in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Molesley is upset that Carson turned him down out of turn and he has to go back to mending the roads.

Jimmy takes Ivy to the pictures and they discuss romance and kiss afterward. She pushes him away.

Anna is a downer at dinner, and Bates wants to murder someone. Cora offers them a ride home and hopes it means they get a table there for the rest of their lives.

Ivy waxes poetic about how wonderful Alfred was and rotten Jimmy is by comparison, and Daisy tells her off. When Ivy is surprised, Mrs. Hughes tells her she had it coming.

Cora talks to Mary about Anna and Bates and how she understands Anna was hurt and Bates thinks he should have protected her. She also tells Baxter not a word of it is to leave the room.

Edith talks to Robert about Michael. The German police are now looking into his disappearance so it's something severe.

Baxter immediately reports to Thomas what she heard from Cora but admits she doesn't like telling tales. She also says she doesn't think Cora deserves the treatment and Thomas said she has to decide where her loyalties lie, with him or her. Baxter said he can have it his own way.

Mary is surprised to learn that Evelyn Napier and Charles Blake are more interested in the future of the food supply than the owners of the land on which it will grow.

Rose asks the staff to look after the band when the arrive, and they are shocked when Jack Ross, a black man, appears in the kitchen.

Isobel arrives at Downton to feed George. She'd like to be Grandmama while Cora is Grammy. She suggests Sybbie call her Aunt Isobel.

Isobel, Tom and Mary talk about how happy they were when they were madly in love and how happy they were to have had it.

Robert asks if they can continue calling Molesley instead of Joseph.

Tom talks to Isobel about emigrating to America and the slim odds of finding another titled lady who would take him, and the acceptance of a nice Irish working girl being accepted at Downton.

After dinner, instead of splitting the ladies and gentlemen Rose sends both into the same room to hear the band. All are taken aback, but step quickly into the music.

Isobel asks that Tom think of Jazz at Downton in comparison to himself and how things can change that nobody would imagine.

The Granthams accept the Jazz band more than the servants.

Mary sees Rose and Jack canoodling in the kitchen.


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Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Mrs. Patmore: Ooh I like that Rudolph Valentino. He makes me shiver all over.
Carson: What a very disturbing thought.

You're nervous because you're intelligent, Alfred. Only stupid people are foolhardy.