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Aunt Rosamund comes for a visit to Downton and immediately starts questioning Edith's taking care of Marigold. 

Mrs. Patmore inherits some money from a relative who has died. She goes to Carson for advice and he thinks on the best way for Mrs. Patmore to invest her money. Mrs. Patmore is unsure about the advice that Mr. Carson gave her about investing her money.  

Violet and Doctor Clarkson talk about Lord Merton's proposal to Isobel. Violet thinks that she no longer understands Isobel the way she used too and talks to Mr. Clarkson about making sure that Lord Merton is right for her.

Edith and Rosamund go to visit Marigold and upset the Drewe's. 

The London police question Mary and Anna as part of their investigation into Mr. Greene's death. 

Tom ends things with Miss Bunting. Miss Bunting gets an offer to teach at a grammar school and Daisy is upset about the news and tells Tom. 

Violet arranges a luncheon with her, Isobel, Dr. Clarkson and Lord Merton. Violet tells Isobel that Shrimpy thinks he may have a lead on Princess Kuragin. 

Rose meets a handsome man in York and invites him to have have tea with her and the Russians. Aldridge comes to visit Rose where the Russian's are staying and it is revealed that his family was Russian Jewish. 

Violet presses Rosamund for information on why Edith has been upset. Violet and Rosamund come up with  plan to take Marigold from the Drewe's and send her to France. 

Dr. Clarkson and Violet come to the conclusion that Lord Merton and Isobel are well suited and that he is not faking his interest. 

Tom says goodbye to Miss Bunting and she tells him she loves him. Tom kisses her and wishes her well. 

Mr. Bricker arrives back at the Abbey to photograph a painting. 

Mary has dinner with Charles and Mable.Charles tries to convince Mable to take Tony back. 

Mr. Bricker comes into Cora's room and tries to convince her that there is something between them. Robert walks in on Mr. Bricker and Cora. Robert becomes enraged and the two fight in the bedroom. 


Downton Abbey
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Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Miss Bunting: Have I finished us before we ever really even got started?
Tom: You pitted yourself against them from the start. How can you retreat from that position?
Miss Bunting: You mean I have made it them or me?
Tom: Haven't you? You despise the family, but I think you forget that my wife was one of them. My child is one of them. Where does that leave me?
Miss Bunting: don't you despise them? Really?
Tom: No, I don't. I would like things to change, but I don't think in black and white terms anymore.
Miss Bunting: Well I do.

Violet: She keeps talking about her mother being infirm, but I am infirm why doesn't she think about that?
Isobel: You are as infirm as Windsor Castle.