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Rose continues to prepare for her wedding with Atticus. 

Mr. Carson tells Anna and Mr. Bates that the police will be returning. Mr. Carson also announces that the War Memorial will be raised in the village soon.

Edith dotes on Marigold, which does not go unnoticed by Mary or Robert.

Prince Kuragin comes to visit Violet and suggest that they have one more chance to be together. Meanwhile, Violet continues to deal with her fighting butler and ladies maid.

The police reveal that they have discovered Mr. Greene’s past crimes and that he may have been pushed by someone else.

The family goes to the Grantham House in London and Rose sees her parents again. The Sinderbys arrive at Grantham House.

Bates and Anna arrive at the jail only to discover that Anna will be involved in a test to identify who it was that pushed Mr. Greene.

A woman comes to Atticus’s room and abruptly leaves. The next day photos are delivered to Rose showing Atticus in a compromising position.

Daisy, Mr. Moseley and Mrs. Baxter go to an art museum in London. Daisy continues to look at her life as if is a prison. The three witness Atticus and Rose fighting in the park.

Atticus confronts his father about his opposition to his marriage to Rose. Atticus and his father fight over the latter’s disapproval.

Shrimpy confronts Lady Aldridge about how he believes that she set-up Atticus.

Robert announces that he is making a sell in order to pay for the cottages.

Despite the sabotage, Rose and Atticus marry. Thomas convinces Mrs. Danker to go out with him and Andy to gamble.

Mabel and Tony tell Mary and Tom that they are getting married.

Anna is arrested under suspicion of murdering Mr. Greene. The war memorial is completed in Downton Abbey.

Robert figures out that Marigold is the daughter of Michael Gregson and Edith. 

Downton Abbey
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Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Rose: Mommy. Daddy. This is Atticus.
Atticus: How do you do?
Lady Flintshirer: What a peculiar name.

He can have his..what do you call it now. His stag party?

Mrs. Sinderby