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Mary and Edith convince Robert to offer up the house as a venue for Carson and Mrs. Hughes' wedding. Carson relates the offer to Mrs. Hughes, who insists that she wants to get away from the house for her wedding. Mr. Carson disagrees, and they bicker about it. Mrs. Hughes finally puts her foot down, saying that the wedding is for the bride. Mr. Carson tries to relate this to the family, and Mary insists that she will talk Mrs. Hughes into agreeing to hold the wedding at Downton.

Mr. Finch visits the estate and talks to Mary, the agent of the estate, about the local livestock show. She decides to enter a few of the estate's pigs, who are raised by the Drewes, into the competition.

Violet and Isobel continue to battle over the changes at the hospital. Dr. Clarkson and Violet are against the incoming changes, which would make the Downton hospital a part of a larger hospital, while Isobel, Lord Merton, and Cora believe that the new technology, better surgeons, and funding that would be afforded if the acquisition takes place would be more beneficial to the villagers. Robert refuses to get involved or pick a side.

Edith argues with Mr. Skinner, the editor of her magazine, on the phone about her decisions. She decides to go to London to meet with him and settle things. In her absence, against Edith's better judgment and the hesitation of their parents, Mary takes George and Marigold to the Drewes' farm to look at the pigs that are being entered in the show.

Mrs. Drewe is overcome with emotion at seeing Marigold again, to Cora's discomfort. Robert speaks with Mr. Drewe about the Drewes perhaps leaving Downton, due to the proximity to Marigold, but Mr. Drewe insists that his wife will be fine.

While in London, Edith meets up with her Aunt Rosamund after dealing with Mr. Skinner. She confides that she is going to keep her London flat empty for now and see about moving in, though she is nervous about the prospect of living alone for the first time.

Anna confides in Mary about her difficulty in carrying a pregnancy to term. Mary reassures Anna and explains that she, too, had difficulty conceiving George at first. She tells Anna about the Harley Street doctor she went to, who diagnosed her infertility and performed a minor surgery to fix it. Mary convinces Anna to allow her to set the appointment and pay for the procedure, in exchange for Anna's many years of faithful service and keeping Mary's secrets. Anna agrees.

In London, doctor examines Anna and determines that she has a weak uterus and suggests that the next time she is pregnant, she call him to Downton to perform a procedure that will allow her womb to support the baby. Mary and Anna plan to do so, and head back to Downton.

Thomas' discomfort at feeling like everyone is turning the new footman, Andy, against him grows. Thomas asks Carson whether he should be looking for a new job, feeling as though everyone is against him. Carson tells Thomas that it couldn't hurt to do so. Thomas goes on a very bad interview where he is interrogated by a brash employer who would expect him to do several men's jobs.

Daisy is morose and distracted over her faux pas at the neighboring estate, when she railed at the new owner and ruined Mr. Mason's chance of remaining on his farm. Mr. Moseley comforts her and tries to encourage her to continue studying with him for her exams. She refuses, saying she is too distracted to do so, and resolves to talk to Cora and ask for her help. Baxter goes to Cora on Daisy's behalf, but Cora tells Baxter, regretfully, that she doesn't believe she can help much. Eventually, Cora comes up with an idea but cautions Daisy that it may not work out.

Edith, Mary, and Anna get back from London and attend the livestock show. While there, Mrs. Drewe kidnaps Marigold, sending the family (particularly Edith) into a frenzy. Mr. Drewe realizes what has happened and accompanies the Crawleys back to his farm, where he retrieves Marigold. He tells Robert that he and his family will leave the next day. Robert is distressed, since the Drewes have been loyal tenants for a long time, but reluctantly agrees.

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Downton Abbey Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

I just don't want to be a servant on my wedding day. Is that so wrong?

Mrs. Hughes

If you can't say anything helpful, Robert, please be silent.