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Molesley hands out flyers to the townspeople advertising Downton's open house.

Robert, sickly and in bed, rails against the idea of the open house and his belief that there is nothing worthwhile for the guests to see there. Cora, Mary, Tom and Dr. Clarkson insist that it is a good idea and will raise a lot of money for the local hospital.

The servants downstairs discuss the open house. Mr. Bates and Carson cannot understand why anyone would pay to see another person's house. Carson brings up Thomas' job search to him.

Violet and Isobel discuss the open house over tea. Violet cannot understand what people could possibly want to see in the house. Isobel understands it. The two discuss the hospital drama. Violet insists that Robert being saved at the local hospital is evidence against the takeover.

Edith receives a letter from Bertie. Cora suggests that Bertie stop by Downton the weekend of the open house and Edith agrees. She decides to ask Bertie for his ideas about the open house at Cora's suggestion, since it will take place the same weekend.

Daisy and Mr. Mason put up a picture of William in his house. Mr. Mason gives Daisy a thank you note to give to Mrs. Patmore. Daisy resists taking it, telling Mr. Mason not to encourage her, but Mr. Mason insists.

Carson sneaks Robert some wine. Robert is excited about it initially but turns it down, realizing that he cannot carry on as he used to before his condition. Robert mentions that they need to continue simplifying the staff and Carson reports that Thomas is genuinely looking for a new job. Robert encourages Carson to help him along. Carson and Robert talk about the open house. Carson is against it, and Robert makes jokes about what the attendees could expect to see there.

Mrs. Patmore finds the note from Mr. Mason in the trash and wonders why Daisy put it in there. Daisy claims she lost it accidentally.

Cora talks to Baxter about Peter Coyle. Baxter reports that he was sentenced to jail for ten years. Baxter is glad that she didn't have to testify in the end.

Anna and Bates discuss Anna feeling ill. Bates insists on Anna continuing to see the London doctor, Dr. Ryder, despite the expense. He says that he will pay from his savings. Anna reluctantly agrees.

Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes discuss Mrs. Hughes getting help from Mrs. Patmore with cooking and making coffee, and from the house servants with tips for keeping up the house. Mrs. Hughes is offended.

Anna mentions to Mary her need to see the doctor. Mary insists on going to London instead to see Dr. Ryder and stay over the night at Rosamund's, because she wants a "jaunt" to London anyway.

Dr. Clarkson and Isobel call Cora over and tell them that it's been decided: their hospital will merge with York's, and the men in charge want Cora to take over as president, replacing Violet. Cora is shocked. Dr. Clarkson and Isobel encourage Cora that it is for the best. Cora is hesitant and mentions that she needs to talk to Robert. She thinks it might be easier if a third party is chosen instead of her.

Mary sets a dinner in London with Henry and Evelyn Napier, intended to surprise Evelyn. She invites Tom along and he agrees. Tom suggests that Edith come along, but Edith declines, saying she'd rather not watch Mary flirt.

Thomas plays with George. Mary notices. Little George claims that he was cheering Thomas up. Mary comments on Thomas feeling gloomy.

Mary tells Robert that she and Tom are leaving. He is jealous, wishing to leave the room himself. Mary asks Robert why Thomas is glum. Robert tells Mary that they are downsizing the staff and Thomas is the obvious person to cut. Mary is surprised and mentions that Thomas is very good with the children.

As Mary, Tom and Anna are leaving, Bates insists that Mary have the doctor send him the bill. Mary at first refuses, but Tom convinces her that Bates' pride is more important than money to him.

Carson tells Thomas that he'll need to go, as an underbutler is an extravagance in this day and age. They are interrupted by Mrs. Hughes. Thomas angrily leaves. Carson again mentions Mrs. Hughes seeking guidance from Mrs. Patmore in the art of cooking.

Molesley visits the schoolhouse to ask the teacher about Daisy's exams. The teacher mentions that Molesley was very helpful in Daisy's educational career. He offers Molesley a position "helping out" at the schoolhouse, shocking Molesley. He wants to test Molesley on his general knowledge first.

Violet visits Robert and Cora and starts talking about having a ceremonial role in the house opening, as the president of the hospital. Robert and Cora exchange nervous looks. Violet is still convinced that Robert's collapse will sway things in the direction she wants for the hospital.

Mr. Molesley mentions the test to Mrs. Baxter. Thomas and Andy discuss where to meet later that night. Thomas suggests his room, for the better lighting. Mrs. Patmore overhears and gets the wrong idea.

Anna returns to the flat in London where Mary is waiting for her to help dress for dinner, reporting that the doctor cleared her pains as not anything threatening. Mary and Anna discuss Barrow's fondness for the children, which Anna believes is genuine. Mary fishes for information about Marigold, but Anna does not give anything up.

Cora and Robert discuss Cora's decision in taking over the presidency. They agree that Violet will be upset. Robert suggests that it might be too much for Cora, since it would be like having a job. Cora is offended and insists that she would like doing it.

Tom and Mary head out to dinner with Evelyn, Henry and their friends. Mary tries to get information about Marigold out of Tom, mentioning that she would be angry to find out he knew something. Henry and Charlie invite Tom and Mary along to their race in a few weeks. Tom agrees, and Mary playfully tells them to ask her nearer the date.

Mrs. Hughes and Carson sit down to dinner, with Carson continually complaining about Mrs. Hughes' cooking choices. Carson mentions that he feels he should give up drinking, in solidarity with Robert, to Mrs. Hughes' bemusement.

After dinner, Mary and Henry arrange to head out together alone. Mary finally admits to Henry that Matthew died in a car crash. He encourages her to give racing a chance. It begins raining and they take refuge, sharing a sudden kiss. He tells Mary that she doesn't need to come near the track, but he'd like her to give it a chance. Mary believes that their relationship is happening too fast. He admits to Mary that he is falling in love with her.

Mary returns to the flat and talks to Tom about Henry. He encourages her, saying that he is nice and is mad about Mary. They discuss Bertie's arrival at Downton. Mary suggests that Edith was stupid to voluntarily take on Marigold, because no man would want to be saddled with a child. Tom reacts awkwardly at that, which Mary notices.

Edith picks up Bertie when he arrives in town. They kiss.

Lord Merton brings his son Larry's fiance Miss Crookshank to meet Isobel, to Isobel's confusion. Miss Crookshank tries to convince Isobel that not all of Merton's family thinks negatively of Isobel. Isobel and Merton discuss the awkwardness of the situation with Violet not knowing she's been sacked from the hospital presidency yet.

Daisy and the other servants discuss Daisy's upcoming exams. They suggest inviting Mr. Mason, which Daisy shoots down. Mrs. Patmore suggests writing a note to Mr. Mason to invite him, but Daisy angrily wonders why Mrs. Patmore can't leave Mr. Mason alone, to everyone's shock. Mrs. Patmore decides to write anyway.

Edith and Bertie head downstairs, but stop in at the night nursery first. Edith shows Bertie the sleeping children, including Marigold. 

Mrs. Hughes complains about Mr. Carson's nitpickiness. Mr. Mason brings a batch of vegetables to Mrs. Patmore, as a thank you. Daisy criticizes the gift, wondering why he would bother to do that, to everyone's discomfort. Mrs. Patmore thanks Mr. Mason and he leaves.

The Crawleys and Bertie discuss the open house. Bertie makes suggestions, telling Lady Grantham, Edith and Mary that they'll need to act as guides. The family is overwhelmed by all of his suggestions and begin to look nervous.

Mr. Carson lectures the servants downstairs about what will be expected of them during the open house. 

Mary and Tom discuss going to Henry's race and Henry's encouragement to give cars another chance. Mary suggests she will give it a go. Tom teases Mary about her loving Henry.

Cora and Robert discuss what they think of Bertie. They both agree that they like him, but that his prospects are not good. Robert will not encourage their romance. Cora mentions that Edith took Bertie to see Marigold.

Carson spots Andy leaving Thomas' room at night and questions him about it.

The servants prepare for the open house, roping off sections per Bertie's instructions. A long line of spectators arrives. The spectators question Edith, Mary and Cora, asking them very specific questions about the house and the art. The Crawley women struggle to answer the questions, awkwardly guessing at the house's history.

Violet arrives, interrupting Mary's tour to demand an answer to where Cora is. Violet rails against Cora, asking whether she knew about the hospital's decision the last time she was there, in front of all the guests.

Mr. Molesley goes downstairs. Mrs. Baxter mentions that she received a letter from Mr. Coyle, who asked her to visit him in jail. Molesley is shocked.

Violet confronts Robert about Cora's "betrayal." Robert tries to talk Violet down, but she won't have it. A boy has snuck into Robert's bedroom on his own, and makes a remark after Violet leaves. The boy asks Robert about why the house is so big and why he doesn't buy somewhere "comfy." The boy runs out when Mr. Molesley arrives.

Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Patmore discuss Mrs. Patmore's finished house, and the fact that she's installed a telephone in order to arrange guests to the house. Mrs. Hughes is impressed. After Mrs. Hughes leaves, Mrs. Patmore confides in Mr. Carson her concerns about Andy and Thomas' relationship.

Ms. Crookshank and Lord Merton arrive, surprising Violet as she is leaving. Ms. Crookshank attempts to convince Violet that she means Isobel no harm, and that as long as she's around Larry will not be Isobel's enemy. Cora runs out and tries to speak to Violet, who refuses.

Mr. Molesley talks to Baxter about the letter, asking if she's thrown it away yet. Baxter says she hasn't and that she need to think it over. Thomas interrupts, asking after what they're discussing. Baxter dismisses him. Carson joins them and asks to talk to Thomas in private. He interrogates Thomas about what's going on with him and Andy. Thomas insists that nothing untoward took place, wondering why his word isn't enough after all this time. Carson leaves a very upset Thomas alone.

The Crawleys discuss the huge amount of money the open house raised. Tom suggests doing open houses on a regular basis to raise money to maintain the house, but Robet is appalled and refuses. The family discusses how foreign their way of life seems to the villagers and Cora suggests it will not last forever. Mary scoffs, insisting that the Crawleys belong at Downton and that she and George will never leave.

Thomas sits alone downstairs and sobs.

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Downton Abbey Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Thomas: Mr. Carson, how long do I have to work in this house before I am given any credit?
Carson: That is all very well, but we are talking about a vulnerable young man, and I must look to his welfare.
Thomas: Yes, and if I were to give you my word of honor that nothing took place of which you would disapprove?
Carson: If I could just be sure.
Thomas: So my word is still not good enough, Mr. Carson, after so many years?
Carson: I only wish it were.

But what on earth can we show them to give them their money's worth? Lady Grantham knitting? Lady Mary in the bath?