"Let There Be Light"

On the season 1 finale of Dracula, a public demonstration of Grayson's newest technology has dangerous consequences.

"Four Roses"

Just as Harker becomes a member of the Order of the Dragon, Grayson goes to war with them on Dracula.

"Come to Die"

Grayson and Van Helsing have a falling out while Lady Jane learns the Dracula has returned to London.

"Servant to Two Masters"

Dracula returns after its holiday break with this episode. Look for Grayson to take a risk on it.

"Of Monsters and Men"

Browning asks that the board meet out in the sunlight to prove that Grayson is a vampire on Dracula.

"The Devil's Watch"

During the party to celebrate her engagement to Harker, Mina and Grayson admit their true feelings to one another on Dracula.

"From Darkness to Light"

Grayson's ruthless plan to compromise Lady Jayne may get sidetracked by an old friend on Dracula.

"Goblin Merchant Men"

Grayson tries to figure out if Lady Jane is actually a vampire hunter for the Order of the Dragon on Dracula.

"A Whiff of Sulfur"

Grayson suspects that Lady Jane is a part of the Order of the Dragon on Dracula.