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Grayson and Kim defend a salesman who says he was fired for being a drag queen, but after a video leaks online of his testimony in court. Grayson and Kim realize the entire thing was a set up. Grayson and Kim tell him they'll report him to the state unless he makes a sizable donation to a law charity.


Jane and "Old Jane" Brittney work together to get a young man Old Jane was working with off death row. They are able to exume the body of the murder victim, and the evidence matches the informant.


Parker stays in Canada and tells Kim she's the new firm manager. Grayson confesses to her that he kissed Jane at her wedding.

Drop Dead Diva
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Drop Dead Diva Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

The best advice I can give you is you have a second chance make the most of it.


When I take off my clothes nothing happens.